A Test of Timber
A Test of Timber stray stories

stadarooni Empathy is the human superpower.
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A collaboration of merited mantras with @charliesheldon! Enjoy!

A Test of Timber

Do not look back, for once you start, you will not stop.

The river may not always follow you, but your feet weave their own path.

Stray not from your path, even when you hear the cries of a human. You are the only human in the woods tonight.

The forest has its own melody, composed of songbirds and streams. As long as you listen, it will whisper its wisdom to you.

Stenches of sage and sap may permeate the pines in humdrum hues of emerald. Time deep-roots their other shades.

It may be easy for the leaves to crumble, but all things may be reborn. Winter remolds into spring.

In the end, nature will take you, but do not let it remake you.

(@stadarooni's Aside) Hey, Commaful! It's been a while, but getting the chance to do a collaboration with one of Commaful's most creative writers was a pleasure. It was something very unique to write and a fun learning experience, too. Thank you for reading! <3

(@charliesheldon's Aside) This collaboration was a lot of fun and such a learning experience. I am honoured to have worked on it side by side with one of my favourite Commaful writers. Thank you, dear reader, for giving it a look!

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