A Secret Santa for Commaful!
A Secret Santa for Commaful! christmas stories

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Everyone is welcome to join! :)

A Secret Santa for Commaful!

Hey, Commaful! This is my first post in a while but I wanted to let you know that this year (and I've been toying with this idea for around two months), I will be hosting a Secret Santa that everyone is welcome to join in on! :D

The way that I am planning to run this: For the next week -- until 9 PM PST on December 2 -- I will record people onto a list. I am willing to push that date back if lots of people are still joining!

After that date, I will assign everyone their Secret Santa! :D I won't be taking requests out of fairness to everyone, though! You will then have until December 20 to write, which I hope is ample time! :)

After that, I will send out all of the pieces to everyone on Christmas morning, Pacific Standard Time! :D I also wanted to ask, though: Would you all prefer for me to make a giant post with all the gifts or would you like me to personally give each other their gift in private?

In terms of what everyone will be writing, I decided that out of time and to make it equal between everyone, you will write one tanka! :) That tanka should ideally be personalized to the user that you are writing for, based on their Commaful posts, their comments, or anything else.

In terms of submitting, message me your tanka before the due date! :) You may also send me a picture, otherwise I would be happy to choose one for you!

If any of you have any input or concerns or questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or by PM! One concern is people not writing for others, but I do have a solution, so do not worry about that. If you want to join, also comment or leave me a PM. :)

I hope that you are all well! I am sorry for not posting or commenting at all lately, but I want to let you all know that I have been well. School has been busier and I also got a new job, so there's that. :)

Take care, Commaful, and keep on writing and being talented! <3

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