Erosion erosion stories

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When everything goes wrong at once and you feel your patience and strength eroding like waves on a shore.


How foolish I was

To think I could withstand any storm

I've seen lightning strikes and never let myself get blown away

But I have failed to realize its not the strength of a storm

It is their frequency at which they strike

My shores are eroding

Every wave is washing small particles of my resolve out to sea

Oh my chest

It feels as if my lungs are filling with water

This storm while predicted, is unprecedented

I wished to feel alive

But now I beg for the end

My eyes water, my fists clench, my breathing is staggered

The calmness and peace have vanished as quickly as they arrived

I beg for the water I've swallowed to turn to ice

Let these veins freeze over

Bring my callousness forward

Stop this heart from burning so bright

The docks are beginning to splinter

Everything I've worked hard to build for so many months

I close my eyes refusing to bear witness to its end

The sound of cracking wood will forever reside in my soul

If only I was a person to replicate such agony for revenge

But I am not

Within a blink of an eye

I find myself face to face with a harsh reality

It mercilessly rips open my chest cavity

I feel a sharp blade dance along my arteries

And in one easy stroke the cold blade met my warm heart

I will forever be a soul who understands

But I will never be understood

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