Darker Clouds
Darker Clouds relationship stories

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When things get tough and the person who swore to stand by you, doesn't.

Darker Clouds

To say she was tired was an understatement

She was accustomed to his hand ripping away from hers

Even at the mere mention of darker clouds

She felt the grip loosen

Make no mistake

She can handle the lightning

The thunder and pouring rain are calming to her

She was raised with the sound of hail bouncing off her windows

Ironically it was the sunshine that made her uncomfortable

But when he grabbed her hand

Paradise was no longer a fantasy

He playfully led her toward sunnier days

Her smile was infectious

She relaxed and let the warm rays soak into her skin

Her skin glowed and he kissed every inch of it

Love looked good on them

Then the sky turned gray

Blue skies don't last forever

Even she knew that

But what she didn't realize

Was how much he feared the rain

After all this time

The sun has never felt as warm as it once did

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