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Words fumble out of my mouth and fingers like the rain


Words fumble out of my mouth and fingers like the rain

Some areas in my life need more, their leaves crumble to dust

While some areas are flooded, washing away things I wished to keep

I apologize for my clouds

My good intentions have led me into a sea of gray

I walk through the fog trying to find the right balance

I dream of the day you walk through a garden full of color and life

The blues, yellows, and purple petals mix harmoniously

The sun warms your shoulders, while the wind brings a gentle breeze

The bright blue sky contrasts against the few white clouds

The dark green grass is thick and soft under your feet

You breathe in all the aromas, while your fingertips gently brush against the soft petals as you slowly walk through

Your life slows down for merely a second

If only my words brought you such beauty

I apologize for my missteps

But I promise I'll never stop trying

One flower at a time

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