“You are my star, and when I leave.. I will be yours, just look up” part -6
“You are my star, and when I leave.. I will be yours, just look up” part -6 castor stories

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Obviously Stan was tying not to say this faire friends name
Obviously, he failed
Stans partner was named Fred

“You are my star, and when I leave.. I will be yours, just look up” part -6

Castor looked around him

Not that he could see..

his vision was still blurry from when they clubbed his head and wherever he looked in the small Prison cubicle like room, multicolored spots appeared in his vision and he had to close his eyes. ~~~

Castor woke up to a deep chortle of a man.

"Look at that Stan, the little cash boy is awake!"

"I'm surprised" commented the man supposedly named Stan.

"I honestly though I clubbed him to hard"

"Who are you?" castor asked the men suspiciously, still surpassing his grogginess

"Well Little man, that's what you should be asking yourself; Who are you?"

"Who am I.??.." castor pondered bit then jolted back to reality

"Me knowing Who I am doesn't change why I'm here are who you are"

Defiantly, he finished the statement he was trying to say in the first place.

"Alright, fine," Stan said "I can't go against that.. my name is-"

"Stan" I say

"You're name is Staney"

"Wha- how did you know that"

His voice got sterner

"Dang Stan," said the other man "your not supposed to tell him ur name. we need to keep him from knowing us So that when we sell him to his parents for ransom he can't tattletale!"

"Ur selling me!??"

"But why?" Castor asked

"What's so special about me?"

"Well you see young lad. Your parents died a few days ago-"

"Stop telling him stuff!"

"The kid has a right to know Fred- fre.. friend. Also your the one who told him we were selling him!"

Obviously Stan was trying not to say his buddy's name

and obviously he failed.

Stan's pal was named Fred

Fred and Stan

"As I was saying.. let me finish the story Fred"

"Anyway.... as I was saying.. wait a minute. Now where was I?"

"My parents are actually dead?" Castor offered

"Ah yes. Right. So your parents died a few days ago. You see, they were murdered by none other than-"

"Han" I interrupt. Putting the puzzle together in my head


"Han Valley"

Han valley, Stan, Fred

The three names Ive learned so-far

"A few days ago they were murdered?" castor confirmed Still a bit bewildered

"That's correct"

But castor was still confused

"It still doesn't explain why they are dead."

Why would someone want to kill my parents. Why would they lead me here.. unless

Maybe it wasn't them who lead me here

Maybe the telescope John gave me was intentionally there for me to find the mansion and get kidnapped..

But why would John want to do that

Why would John give me a telescope that let me to my kidnapping..?

"No, it doesn't explain why your parents are dead-"

"And you will not tell him any more!" Interrupted Fred's angry voice

"Stop being so gullible. The kid is tricking you to tell him everything!"

"The kid: Cash"

He almost sneered the word

Castor could t help but politely correct him

"Castor. The name's castor. Not cash"

Fred was almost seething, he definitely had a very short temper.

"You don't get to decide what we call you so I am calling you cash because you have an abundance of it"

He grinned

Sort of creepily actually

But before castor could, Stan interrupted Fred's sinister looking thoughts

"Look what you've done now!" Stan shouted

"Now He knows his remaining family has money"

"Actually I wasn’t the one to tell him! He wouldn't have figured it out unless someone explained!" Fred responded angrily

"Which YOU did!" He concluded.

Castor leaned back in his cell

And waited to hear something else these idiots would tell him subconsciously.

Haha ok I literally laughed while writing this. Lol Ok anyway Hope you enjoyed And I’m sorry I can’t get these out sooner We’re a bit busy looking after my brother and everything so I’ll try get out one a day maybe less maybe more Thank you guys!!!!❤️ Stay safe

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