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the definition of me:
a heart the doesn't beat.
cause if it did. i would already be dead
(language warning)

don't beatheart

my breathing can't stop catching.

my locker looms ahead as i rush towards it.

glancing back to see if he is still stalking me.


he's still there.




i wait. and wait.

slowly the high school's corridors empty.

they all leave.

one. by. one.

I'm probably the last one.

i look back again.

he's gone.

i let out a breath i didn't know i was holding, leaning my forehead against the cool metal of my locker.

i start turning, but I'm stopped by a hand.

his hand.

one clamped over my mouth, the other around my upper arm

fear rattles my bones, while dread forms a pit of stones in my stomach.

but i swallow my emotions smiling back up at him walking after him


as we walk out of the school i know what happens next

like last time

and the time before that

and the week before that

i clench my teeth. holding in a scream that climbs coarsely up my bone-dry throat as he shoves me into the back of his car

and we drive



from help

that i know won't

i mean that can't come

there is no "help" anymore

as he tosses me into the "room" and locks the door behind him. a wicked grin on his face.

my heart breaks as i see my best friend Daphne crouched in the corner.

fingerprint shaped bruises cover her arms, face, legs. i don't want to know where else.

he walks over to me. tying the itchy rope around my arms.

they turn a reddish colour, as th bonds irritatingly rub against me struggles to get free.

sorry if this is hard to think about

if i wrote it properly you should be thinking how horrible this is.


is what some people go through,


every. day.

i want you guys to acknlowledge this


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