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sstar2000 Write like no one's watching...no one is
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We're miles apart.
Yet we still part.
Farther and Farther.... away.


We're miles apart

Me and my baby

All because my husband

Couldn't keep his hands off a certain lady

My poor poor child

Away from his mama

You'd think my husband had a heart?

Ha! No way. He loves causing me trauma.

I make minimum wage

He makes in the thousands

I thought we were in love

Yet his hands were always browsing

He fell in love

He told me

"It's not my fault I'm in love!!"

"It's not my fault I'm in love!!" He raged the day I caught him like a cut down tree

My poor baby boy had no idea what was in store

When his father locked me out and slammed shut the door

He cried for his mama

His screams haunt my dreams

But my son was untouchable

He was untouchable to me

I couldn't hold him

Couldn't soothe his sorrow

I couldn't wipe away his tears

Have you ever FELT such torture

I couldn't kiss him goodnight

All because of a damn lawsuit

"You'll have him on the weekends" He said

My heart withered like rotten fruit

So as I stand watching my son

So adorable and lovable

He flits and plays around and around

But yet he remains ....entirely untouchable

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