The Rage of Heaven and Hell
   The Rage of Heaven and Hell  haikus stories

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Hush listen to them argue. The devil and the angel. Two povs of the same tale.
A collection of A-Z Haikus each in the perspectives of an angel and the devil. Cheers to the amazing @ebugler34 who collabed with me on this huge project. She's AMAZING and incredibly sweet!! Her poems are intricately woven to stun you.

The Rage of Heaven and Hell

@ebugler34 & @sstar2000

Absolutely Absolutely good A pair of wings and halo Only going up Absolutely bad Focused on hell, could you tell? Down is best for me.

Betterment I say betterment For your life and for others Be with your brothers Forget this and leave Move along and don’t look back For your betterment.

Christ High above the world Kindness is always constant Christ is my saviour. You think Christ a hero I believe him utterly Nothing than a fool

Devil The Devil whispers He’s nothing but a coward Fool overpowered I am the fire king Lord of the flames within hell Run, or I’ll catch you!

Eternity Forever with grace, Have peace with the Lord’s comfort. Heaven means safety Sinners come to me I’ll make you cry and scream Scream in agony

Faith Faith is knowing that Someone always has your back Faith is believing Faith means submission. A loss for personal pride. Defiance is right.

God Praise His holy name! The lord of the world is here! Shout and sing to Him! Ripped away my wings Scorned me and belittled me through The name is cursed too

Heaven/Hell In Heaven birds sing Lakes of honey drip in spring Angels greet singing. Hell is my safety. Warm within the fire, and fear. Constant darkness soothes.

Immortal Living forever… Immortal power is strong! A blessing for sure! Immortality Let’s talk about that shit Loneliness…. a hit

Jealousy Jealousy is green Green like bubbling witch's goo Be a witch? Do you? I envy angels. Their wings, halos, and their joy But I belong here.

Karma The good deserve God. Karma is earned not given The bad deserve hell. KARMA!??? You trust that? HA!! Finest stupidity. An old folks tale

Love Love is unity Love is giving to the poor Love answers all woes Love is for the weak. Human love is very thin. Not worth a penny

Mortality Humans are short term They exist for s short time Then their fate is clear. Mortals are so weak I break their spines and they weep Watch them die.... so weak

Narcissistic What is Narcissism Sins of those woeful humans Be nice don't ruin God who? I don’t know! I am the lord of below! I only matter!

Obedient Listen to Jesus He governs our hearts with power Who is above him? No to obedience I’m a slave to no one Me a master? Fun

Prayer Prayers are the hopes They’re the dreams of people Go pray you weasel Why pray to the Lord? Don’t waste your time praying cause He barely responds

Questionable My people question They think Heaven is unreal Shall sins not reveal? Something is quite wrong I think heaven is too fake Questionably so.

Ruthless Be honest and true Don’t lie, cheat, steal or be rude! Ruthlessness is sin. I will punish you Watch you scream out boiling blood I smirk at the flood

Sin Please don’t sin Be true to all and yourself Place sins on a shelf Go ahead and lie! Just a tick in the Lord’s book. It adds up quickly.

Tyrant The Lord isn’t harsh He is far from a tyrant. He is a just king. Oh woe the devil They think I'm a tyrant They'll scream silence

Uniformity To be uniform Is a hard feat to achieve But still I believe Similarities There are too many to be Real, if I’m honest.

Vanity Appearance faded And so will all things mortal Vanity is thin. I am exquisite I am divine and cunning No one can stop me

Wish Prayers are wishes Granted by the Lord our God Forget wishing stars I hear many wishes So pathetic and ugly Plead and be bloody

Xyster The devil uses Xysters to murder his friends. Choose heaven and live. Use Xysters to pain You sin and I grate your bones You'll scream alone

Youth Youth is a present Wonderous till age befalls Then they will all fall Being young is short Ending before it’s begun Why be young at all?

Zombie Zombies are for hell God does not want them here They are all monsters. I make you zombies By torturing you insane I grin at your pain

Thanks to the amazing @ebugler34 for this stunning collab. It was a ton of fun!!

Hope You Enjoyed!!

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