Rocking My Brother to Sleep
Rocking My Brother to Sleep 
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Enjoy this poem! It’s based on a vision i saw in my head so i recreated it into a poem.

Rocking My Brother to Sleep

I crouch low on the floor

The machine of death in my arms whirling with the need to kill

The need and desire to act upon its one function in life

I peer into the sight and the world around me stills

I aim ....heart in my throat

Enemies to the grave

To kill or be killed

No one could ever say we were never brave

The bullet is shot

And the machine grumbles in satisfaction

The pain in my arm roars like a flame

The pain in my arm roars like a flame Yet I smile through my bloodlust and my unorthodox actions

I step down, realizing I killed

A man of arms attacking me

Is yet a man still

I killed someone...

The realization slams into me like boulders

What is this nausea and remorse?

Making shuders rip through my shoulders

I swallow hard the lump in my throat

I swallow hard the lump in my throat And venture untimely into the darkness I spoke

I shoved myself into this pain

This anger

This anger This guilt

It choked and drowned me, allowing flowers of life to wilt

Stalking up the steps

I whirl the man around

Only to fall to my knees

My mouth open in an unspoken scream



Not him

Not HIM!!!

Not my brother

Please Please NOOO

Guess the quote was true when it said

You reap what you sow

So I clench my dead brother

And I let out a scream

Tears and snot ravoke in a scene remaining unseen

I hold him close

And scream up to the sky

Cursing myself for causing my brother to die

Tears on my cheeks like rivers sweep

As I rock my dead brother into an eternal sleep

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