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sstar2000 Write like no one's one is
Autoplay OFF   •   3 months ago
Can you hear that?
So can I.
Might do a part 2 let me know if you want that!!!
Warning: Might be kind of scary haha.

My Midnight Poem


Can you hear that?

I think my heart just stopped

I crawl under my bed

Because my house is being robbed

The fear encases me like a cloud of grey

I can't breathe be that as it may

Oh my gosh

Can he hear my heart beating?

Can he hear my erratic and senseless breathing?

My eyes squeeze shut wanting this nightmare to end

My hands are trembling I can't apprehend

No where to go

No where else to hide

I hear them now and I go wide eyed

Adrenaline pumps in my veins

Pumps and beats like it's trying to escape

My heart feels like its going to explode

Tears of fear down my cheek they flow

My body wants to run

I'm frozen in a forever stun

Let's face it I can only pray

Pray the robbers leave and call it a day

I can't run, I can only hide

Pray that no one kills me in my emotional divide


I feel like I'm about to vomit

The saliva thickens in my throat

The dizziness racing towards me like a comet

Beads of sweat drip down my brow

A bucket of gasoline is poured onto the terror in my belly

I can barely think

My body feels like jelly

I hear the footsteps enter the room

And with my hands I choke myself to silence

Hoping and pleading

My breathing remains silent

I think he must've thought no one was around

But the click of a gun sounds

He starts to walk

And I think I'm safe

I turn my head and scream

I'm looking straight into his face

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