Little Miss Muffet (Nursery Rhyme Remake #6)
Little Miss Muffet (Nursery Rhyme Remake #6)  poetry stories

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Phobias are serious issues.
Let's discuss that here.
Please remember to keep an open ear.

Little Miss Muffet (Nursery Rhyme Remake #6)

Little Miss Muffet

Is a tale we all know

How she sat on her tuffet

All alone unknowing what upon her will bestow

She was sitting there

Smiling and unaware

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on her tuffet

Eating her curds and whey,

She looked down beside her

And she couldn't move away

Her heart pounded in her chest

Threatening to explode

A silent scream

Was strangling her throat.

Phobias are not people being overdramatic

They're caused because of something traumatic

Don't act like you have one when you don't

They can ruin lives

More dangerous than knives

Arachnophobia..... A fear of spiders

Claustrophobia..... A fear of being in constricted in confined spaces



Each one has a meaning

Each one has a tale

A tale of horror

One could never entail

You think isn't serious?

Come back let me share

That phobias are anxiety DISORDERS

Thought you should be aware

I've barely scratched the borders

On what exactly is a phobia

Some deem it irrational

When they hear the stories

Have you ever seen a panic attack

And cried beside them sobbing your sorries

You're sorry they can't breathe

You're sorry they're scared

You panic too

HELP THEM!!! Don't stare.

So yes.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet

Eating her food in dismay

She looked to her left and saw a sight

That wouldn't have frightened just anyone away

It scared her though and as she screams for air

Just remember....

There are so many others who have been there

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