I Have a Theory
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Warning: Dark Themes Mentioned.

I Have a Theory

I have a theory

I don't think people can truly be happy

I think it's physically impossible

For dreams to glisten and gleam

I have a theory

I think depression is in everyone

Some more than others

Some more than others Especially when you look around and you find no one

I have a theory

That emotional pain is so much more painful

Then the physical pains you feel

They'd much rather feel the temporary relief of slicing

The feeling of the blood oozing

The thickness of the iron smell ruining

The white tiles of your floor

Ruined just like you feel inside

As she stood over the sink too drained she couldn't even cry



You deserve to die

You worthless human

The words were said by no one alive

They were muttered in her head by the monsters she made up

Creatures that have no face

No body

No body No emotions

But in order to survive, they devour happiness


That happy person in your class

That quiet one across from you

Your best friend sitting beside you

The beasts are in every single one of us

Like cancer they eat

and destroy

and leave scarred black onex ruins in their wake

making you struggle and scream to slam on the brakes

I have a theory

.... The monsters feel pain too

They are just as depressed as me and you

They need some happiness so they steal some from you

Because you can make your own happiness

But they can't

I have a theory

It might be mad

But how about we share

This happiness in half?

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