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Thank you guys ❤️

Dive Into my Mind Q&A

Since I reached Ummm.... 1000 followers?!!

What even?! HOW!?

Like there are that many people that read my poems and enjoy them?!!! I'm so grateful <3


So in celebration, I decided to do @bruvton's challenge


1) How's life? Pretty okay. I have one more exam to do on Tuesday and then I've finished this sem!!!! YAAAYY

2) Post a selfie

THERE THIS IS ME!!!! *evil smirk*

3) Write a Haiku

Spring is when rain falls Incomparable beauty Stunning everyone

4) What are your life goals? I want to gain a Ph.D. in the health sciences someday... Help the world through research and health care (My goal is an M.D) Hats off to all healthcare professionals..... Seriously hats off All my respect to you amazing people

5) Greatest Fear? That the people I love could leave at any time.

6) What inspired you to join Commaful? A google search

7) Go to your phone/computer library and choose a random photo. Sighhhh I'm immensely lazy BUT LET'S DO IT!!! 😂

This actually used to be my Fb profile lol

8) Who do you look up to on Commaful? Easyyyyyyyyyy @bruvton @vk @clichepenname @qimagine @stevewaldrop There are so so many more tho!

Thank you for inspiring me daily you guys!!!

9) Draw something or take a pic. I'm on my laptop right now and I don't wanna switch to my phone lol

HEEEEEE Sorry not sorry

10. Who else do you challenge to do this? Literally all my friends on here probably have done it lol.

Last one to do anything ..... As always

Well just another thank you to all of you I'm choking up here

Commaful has truly felt like home for these past twenty-something days

Seriously guys thank you from the bottom of my heart

And as always @sstar2000 OUTTTTTTTT

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