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A Riddle to Solve (Chapter Five)

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My home.
My home is filled with strangers.
I long for my home.... yet I am home.
I want my family back.
My home is not a home at all.

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A Riddle to Solve (Chapter Five) - Hog's Head Inn

I was in Headmaster Dippet's office after Albus had whispered the password, to head up into what I knew to be his own office. I was shocked.

This was the place myself, and my sister's kids would go to all the time for closure or just to yell at the old bastard that Dumbledore had become around 60 years in the future. I decided to round up the 59.

He'd even caused the death of his own daughter indirectly.

I gaze up the office I was in, looking at it in strange apprehension.

I half expected Fawkes to show up and land on my shoulder. I missed that bird, I think, with another heavy sigh.

"Ms. Dumbledore?" Headmaster Dippet asks, and I stare at the older man in front of me, eyes searching his.

"Yes?" I muse, and he gestures to the stool.

"Have a seat so that the Sorting Hat can do its magic." He says, and I look at the familiar hat now so much less worn out and wrinkled.

My lips curve up in an involuntary smile, and I find myself being watched by both Headmasters.

I knew what house I'd be sorted into.

I was a Slytherin at heart.

All the dark magic I could control made me a shoo-in. During my first year, the sorting hat was resolutely deciding towards Hufflepuff but ended up going for Slytherin for some reason.

I knew now why that was.

Dippet places the hat gingerly on my head, and I close my eyes, waiting for the Sorting Hat's voice to fill my head.

"Valentine Evans." It's voice crows, and I smile again.

"Hello, Sorting Hat." I think, and he searches through my memories, trying to get a glimpse of my character.

"All qualities of all the houses I see." He says, and I feel my brow crease in confusion. "You've done this before. Well, hello again." He chuckles, and I nod.

"Good to see you again." I tell him.

"You've grown up into the bright young witch I knew you'd be." The Sorting Hat says in almost a fatherly tone.

"You've gotten younger." I tease the hat making it chuckle.

"Time travel is a fickle thing, isn't it." He says, sighing. "I apologize that this burden has fallen onto your shoulders, young one." He tells me, and I shrug.

"Someone has to do it," I say in a solemn tone.

"I assume you want to go back into your original house?" He asks me, but I take a second to think about it.

"Put me in the house where I'll be able to make the most difference," I state, and I feel the agreement he thinks while listening to my words.

"Well. Slytherin would make the most sense if you intend to kill the young man. But I think considering your newly acquired heritage that where I will put you will make the most difference in both your life and young Tom Riddle's. " He murmurs suspiciously, and I raise a brow in confusion at his words.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" He roars, and I smile in silent satisfaction at being in the house of my great grandmama.

Dippet moves to remove the hat from my head, but before he does, I hear a silent whisper. "Good luck Ms. Evans. May the goodness in your heart save those captured in the darkness." He murmurs.

"The fate of the wizarding world falls on your shoulders." I hear just as the hat is removed off my head.

Although my heart stops at his words, I nod.

"Hufflepuff?" Dumbledore asks me and I shrug.

"Not strange," I tell him, and he looks at me once before waving his wand and allowing my robes to change from the magnificent green I once adored to the pure, sunshine yellow that reminded me so much of my grandmama.

I notice that the robes were also changed to the older version of Hogwarts robes and not my newer ones.

"I will see that her tuition is covered in full as well as any textbooks she will need," Dumbledore tells the Headmaster and Dippet nods, giving me a warm smile.

I smile back at the wizard, realizing I needed to get in his good graces.

"Thank you for accepting me into the school so late Headmaster. And Apologies for the intrusion." I say a sheepish look on my face.

"Nonsense, my child, any family of Albus, is family of mine. If you ever need anything...anything at all, let me know." He says, his smile crinkling his eyes at the corners.

"Thank you." I grin, and Albus says farewell to Dippet before leading me out of his office.

"Hufflepuff?" He asks again, but I shrug.

"Remember my heritage?" I muse, and his eyes widen in realization.

"Well, you were in Slytherin before." He tells me, making me shrug.

"I told the Sorting Hat to put me where I would help the most... And it did." I muse, making Dumbledore nod slowly deep in thought.

"Alright, your textbooks." He gives me a look.

"Come on child, follow me. After I'll take you to meet your other cousin... my brother." He muses, and I raise a brow.

"We aren't telling him?" I say, and he shakes his head.

"No. Let him believe you're his true cousin. It'll do him a lot more good than you think." He mutters the last part, making me shrug.

"Alright." I agree. I did have a shortage of family members at the moment. It'd be nice to have an actual family member that wouldn't be ripped away from me again.

He looks at me, gesturing me to follow him, and then we make our way to his office. There was a Ravenclaw waiting for him.

She sat crisscrossed on the floor, reading in her Transfiguration textbook.

"Ms. Lovegood?" He asks in a bright tone. The girl jumps in a scare, whipping her head up to look at the both of us.

The name has me looking at her in confusion. She looked so much like the Luna I knew and loved. Her white-blonde hair fell in heaps around her like thick ropes extending way past her waist.

She had brown eyes full of mirth and intelligence.

Her facial features were a mixture of Luna's and someone else I didn't know. I recognized the smile, though... I always would.

It was the same smile that my best friend used to give me every time she saw me.

"Hello, Professor. I just had some questions regarding the homework you assigned yesterday." She tells him, and he gives her a kind smile.

Her eyes fall to mine, and she looks intrigued, her wide brown eyes moving between myself and my cousin.

"I understand if you are busy at the moment. I can come back another time." She tells me. Dumbledore looks hesitant.

"How many questions are there?" He asks and the Ravenclaw beams.

"Oh, only two! I promise!" She adds at the end, making Dumbledore smile in amusement.

"Alright, come on in. I think Valentine can spare a few minutes." He looks at me, imploring, and I nod with a small smile. I wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

The girl grins. "Thank you!" She thanks the pair of us, pleased, and then we enter Albus's office. She proceeds to plop down on one of the chairs in his grand office.

I look around, realizing that this was Professor McGonagall's office. My lips turn up into a smile at the pleasant thought. I adored my old Transfiguration professor.

She had been my mentor and a role model I looked up to.

I take a seat on one of the couches in the corner. McGonagall had really changed the decor in the room.

It was completely different then Dumbledore's preferences.

He had a huge bowl filled with all the tastiest candies and sweets from Honeydukes.

I lean over and swipe one of them only to see the Ravenclaw and Albus staring at me in amusement.

"I need my glucose!" I whine, trying to defend my actions.

They turn away, and I realize they were discussing homework questions I've completed months before.

I understood and knew the answer to every single one of her questions before Dumbledore had to chance to explain it.

I feel a longing warmth in me, wishing for my old home.

But I was home.

The only problem was that my home was filled with strangers I didn't know and that in itself made my home, not a home at all.

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