The Rhythm of Love
The Rhythm of Love love stories

srujana Community member
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Every one has their version of love such version according to me is The Rhythm of Love

The Rhythm of Love

The best feeling in the world, Is to feel you in my arms, The best feeling in the world, Is to always drench in your thoughts!, It can't be enough, As you always hold my hand, It is always enough, When you are by my side!!...

The nights are less, The days are more, Spending time with you, Always brings us too close... Talking with you makes, My mind dance in rain of thoughts, Confident when you chase this world, Right in front of Me!.........

I was always incomplete, Not knowing what was true, You made me complete, By making all my dreams true... You made someone believe, You made someone achieve, You stood right behind, When she was achieving from everything beyond, Don't worry we are made for one another.. Stopping through sun, Will tan us together!

The cause of me, That the God has made, You are the part of me, Which can never be departed, You are the reason, That made me again believe, In the meaning of Rhythm of Love!!

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