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                  Black And White

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A girl is sent to a boarding school by her parents so that she can concentrate more on her studies. After a month she is found dead.Everybody believes she drowned in the lake accidentally until they find the CCTV footage. There is a black and a white person in all of us.

Black And White

"We'll have a lot of fun when you came back in your summer vacations." Her parents sent her to boarding school. Her mind had drifted from studies which,however,was natural on her part.She had never found interest in studies from her heart.It was only for the sake of studying that she studied.

She was introduced to her new classmates. She made no friends on her first day,nor did she intend to. She had two roommates,who remained strangers to her as long as she lived there. "Hi." "Hi,"she replied. "New here?" "Yes." "Me too."

For first two days she replied back only in monosyllables. "Any specific reasons for you being here?" "Why are you here?"she asked back instead. "I have always wanted to study here." "I don't want to,"she admitted to her new friend. "What do you want?"

"Travel. New places,new stories, so many mysteries.That's what I want." "Sounds amazing,"said her new friend,with an encouraging smile on her face."But you will need some money for that." "That's the reason I am studying."Both of them laughed.

They understood and complemented each other in some impossible ways.They became inseparable in a flicker of time. So were there results,which were quite impressive.Her parents were delighted when they called her. She never called them on her own.

The two friends strolled in the garden,sat on the grass,stay late awoke. Only the two of them.Gradually, the other students tried to ignore them,stayed away. "It seems pretty far-fetched but I want to go to space,"whispered her friend in her ears as the lay awoke on her bed looking at the night sky."Find what's on the other side of a black hole.

Time travel. Lost in space. But alive. Till I discover it all." "Sounds amazing." "Pretty impossible to do though. But I want to go as close as I can to my dream. That is my only interest in this process of education." However,neither of them could fulfill their dreams.

Her parents received a call from the school one day afternoon. After 7 hours, they stood beside the lifeless body of their daughter.She had died drowning in the lake.They all believed it was an accident. She didn't know to swim. She would not do it deliberately. "Here's the CCTV footage, ma'am."

If you heard the story from her dead-self,you would believe that she had pressed her friend to take her to the lake to teach her swimming. In the video,they caught her standing by the lake talking to.......whom?She was laughing-happy,care-free laughter and constantly communicated to someone who wasn't there. Then she stepped forward,towards the water.

Tears ran down her parents' cheeks as they watched their daughter drowning. She sought help from someone who was supposed to be there in the lake close to her. The expression on her face just before drowning was that of fear and horror and death. They didn't notice the expression of betrayal-betrayal from a person she had relied on.

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