I fell in love
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srinandhiniravi I write poems and make edits sometimes.
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I fell in love once. With a boy

I fell in love

I fell in love once.

With a boy Who knew a lot about laptops and phones

And he would teach me How to reassemble them.

I figured fixing my heart Was somewhat similar

And followed his rules, Long after he left.

I fell in love again.

With a girl this time. Whose lips I dreamt of kissing every night.

She held me by my waist And I knew that didn't Make her heart flutter like mine did

So I held on to everything Thrown my way, Long after she left.

I fell in love another time.

Kept babbling About his eyes- their weird colour and the sparkle it always had.

I liked to trace his cheek bones And losing track of time.

I kept losing myself quite a number of times, Long after he left.

You'd think I'd have stopped by now. Falling in love so many times.

Yet, the skip of a step Or going back to our favourite bakery Was all it took sometimes.

I eat your favourite flavoured cupcake On our usual bench at the park, Long after I've been left.

I fell in love one last time.

Learnt to love the scars on her wrist

And all the times she sat down To write poetry- about me.

I kept taking and losing parts with every person I fell in love with.

This time, I was in front of a mirror.

And fell in love, one last time.

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