**QUEST FOR SPACE** Written by - Srimaya Nayak

         **QUEST FOR SPACE**

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I tried to elaborate all the aspects of "space" & it's importance in human life, through this poem "Quest for space". Through out our life we get jumbled up & confused exploring the right space for us.

**QUEST FOR SPACE** Written by - Srimaya Nayak

As we grow, Word no longer remains only words, it carries meaning, some meaning are pointless, some have a world in it, some are straight,

some have a hidden agenda in it. well a few are interesting, because it has a question mark in it.

Time changes, so as situation, discussion changes, so as Prioritisation. The simplicity of childhood, friends, fun & brotherhood, the mischief at school & college, midnight toil & quest for knowledge.

To make an impact & achieve ace. finally all join the chase like a rat in the race. time became invincible, relationship became less affable, values system changes face, all we need a bit of space.

Away from folks some needs external space, in search of self, some required internal space, in the quest of love, some need emotional space. for the shake of society & it's rituals some need cultural space.

On the lap of sumptuous life, realised that we attain senility, when we look back with a grace, world seems like a big mess, Life is not a rat race, come what may, we have to face, with lot of hardship & grace, let's begin a new race, called quest for a spiritual space.

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