It's Not Living, It's Surviving
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squishy Just a low writer :)
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I was told something once..

It's Not Living, It's Surviving

Someone once told me something I'll never forget. They said.."What you're doing.. it's not living, it's surviving."

I never understood it with my mindset. To complete what I called life, I was forever lying.

Can you understand it? No enjoyment.. no life..! Not being important, hardly getting through.

Your choices being thought over.. tried.. If feelings could ever be colors.. I'd surely be blue.

How do I change this? How do I live? Happy? No. I was told.. "You're not living, you're surviving."

How do I fix it? Stop myself from being so damn low. Long ago, I had stopped trying.

Anger.. sadness.. portrayed as disrespect..! Help me find enjoyment, color me yellow.

It's not living, it's surviving.. change my mindset. Make my knees weak, make me jello.

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