Starwars: Forgotten stories
Starwars: Forgotten stories star wars stories

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I have been a star wars fanatic for as long as I can remember. This story is based on my fan characters. I don't own star wars, I'm just a nerd.

Starwars: Forgotten stories

The Jedi council has gathered to discuss the fate of a young force sensitive who has managed to sneak into the temple disguised as a Jedi on many occasions.

"How long has this been happening?"

"for a week, watched him, we have," said Yoda "Strong in the force, he is. to the dark side let him fall, we must not"

"However he is too old to be trained,"

"perhaps an exception can be made as it was with Anakin"

"Skywalker was a special case, your former master believed him to be the chosen one" Said Plo Koon

"even so, master Yoda is correct, if we do nothing the chance he will fall to the dark side is high," said Obi-Won

"Decide his fate now we will not when the boy arrives discuss further we will," said Yoda "Be here shortly he will"

The council remained quiet until the door swerved open and a human boy around the age of 14 stepped through. He was wearing black jedi robes and a lightsaber hanging from his right hip.

"You summoned me, masters," said the boy

"what is your name," said Plo Koon

"Keth," he said nervously

"well Keth, your not supposed to be here are you," said Obi-Won

"No I am not," Keth said his left hand moving subconsciously to his waist "you gonna arrest me?"

"That is an out come we would hope to avoid" said Windu

"You and me both" said Keth

"Why did you come here, to the temple?" asked Plo Koon

"I have an ability, but I have no clue what it is or how to use it," Keth started "And I also know I'm too old to be trained"

"So you want to be a Jedi, is that it?" said Obi-Wan

"Nah, I just wanna be as strong as one," Said Keth "I read that precious code of yours and I would literally rather die than follow it"

"Know of the force, what do you," said Yoda

"You like, move stuff with it," said Keth

"do with this power, what would you?"

"I don't know"

"Do nothing with it, will you?" said Yoda, "To prove something might you?" Keth said nothing.

"Perhaps we can have you put under supervision," Said Plo Koon "master Toor will be departing to Alderaan"

"Sounds boring," Keth said

"We could always arrest you for trespassing," said Windu

"fine, what ever" Keth said

"Go with master Toor, you will," said Yoda

"fine whatever," Keth said as he left the room

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