Requiem of a Heartless

Requiem of a Heartless  fiction stories

spphantom Phantom of a poorly written poem
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Look me in the eyes, witness what you've made me become.

Requiem of a Heartless

Here I sit, and stare At the endless carpet of grass, Dancing beneath my feet

Whatever that's happened, Now remains in the past, With all its pain, sadness and wrath,

If it were even a glimpse, Of a joyful memory I shall cherish and carry it to my grave

However, the painful truth Will never leave my mind That this flesh is Heartless And my soul is far gone

I can't leave and I'm not allowed to exist Yet I'm trapped in the land of the living Craving something which may never happen

Then I hear the voice of the tormented Echoing through the wind, through the river

They sing, There's no place on this earth For a dead, broken puppet.

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