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The first part of a story I might start writing for fun. Give me ideas for what it should be called!

A pink petal slowly floats down and rests on the table cloth draped over the table. The smell of blueberry muffins danced around the room as mother pulled it out of the oven.

I sat at the table, my head bent over as i scribbled on the side margins of my homework.

I was never really good at math but i enjoyed filling the page with equations and completing each step to try and solve a problem.

A cold breeze had set in and fall was right around the corner, which meant even more schoolwork. Just like math, I wasn't good at school but i still enjoyed it.

My friends and I would walk after school everyday to the park that was across the street.

We would buy popsicles when the weather was warm but now we get hot chocolate as the leaves turn brown and fall off the trees.

After finishing my homework I changed out of my school uniform I wore everyday to our private school. It was an all girls school so I only had girl friends to hang out with.

Sometimes we would run into the boys from the all boys school just a few miles away at the park. They came to play soccer and football when it was cooler.

Very rarely the girls would join to play soccer with them. My mother turned to me and said goodbye as she left to get my younger sister from school, which ended two hours after mine.

I turned my attention to my homework once again and finished the problems left on the page.

Just as I was putting my backpack away my father got home from work and put his briefcase down next to the sofa to give me a hug.

I went up into my room and read a book that I had a hundred times before, feeling every emotion I did as if it was the first time experiencing it.

My sister got home and followed the same routine I did, finishing her homework and going to her room to play.

Being a couple of years younger than me she still played with dolls and toys, but I was too old for those types of things now. I even got my first bra the other day.

The sun started to dip behind the tree in my backyard, casting shadows across my window. I got up and went outside just as i did everyday at this time to climb up the large tree.

I watched as the sun got lower and lower and finally it disappeared over the horizon.

The sky was a mix of warm colors and the clouds still reflected the light of the sun, adding yellows and vibrancy to the already darkening sky.

Leaves crinkled in the wind and the familiar feeling of fall was here. I looked down across the wooden fence that separated us from our neighbors.

They had a daughter my age, Avery, who I knew at school, we weren't friends but we were friendly enough.

I didn't know much about her family, they never came out of their house nor showed up at any neighborhood gatherings.

When they first moved here a year ago my mother tried to become friends but they rejected every advance. I watched her come out into her backyard and sit on the one swing they had.

Barley anything else was in their backyard and it looked very dead. A wilting tree was in the corner and piles of neglected leaves sat at every edge.

The brown grass blended in under all the dead leaves. She started swinging back and forth, closing her eyes slightly.

She had blond hair always pulled back in braids at school but when I saw her at home, it was always down flowing just past her shoulders.

She was still in her school uniform and school shoes even though she always hurried home right after school.

Many people knew her, she was very gorgeous and all the girls wanted to be friends with her. For some strange reason, she never accepted any invitations to hang out.

She would always just go back home. I stared for a while just watching her peacefully, she didn't see me this high up in the trees.

Her head whipped around as a large crash came from inside the house. I watched her hesitate and she decided if she should go inside or not.

Her hand left the swing and she tiptoed back inside, shutting the door very carefully behind her.

I slid down and went back into my own house, mother had just called for dinner and we all sat at the big table together. We joined hands as father said and prayer and then we ate.

Conversation flowed as we chewed, my sister made a mess of her plate and mother scolded her as usual.

After dinner we washed dishes and my parents watched television while my sister did homework at the table behind them.

I picked up my book again and continued reading until it was very late and everyone else had gone to bed.

I climbed into my sheets and snuggled under the huge comforter my mom put on my bed earlier. Today had gone perfect as it was the day before, and the day before that, just as it always had been.

The same events and same happiness i experienced every day, I was content. Something bounced around in the back of my head, Avery's strange family.

In our small town, they are the only ones I ever knew of to move here, everyone else I had know since I was born. I asked my friends about it once but they just dismissed it, do I did as well.

Drifting to sleep I couldn't stop thinking about their strange family. Everyone in town was the same except them, talking to no one they were separated from the rest of us.

My mind went blank and I dreamt the same things as I did the day before, and the day before that, just as I always had done.

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