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Go read part one first, ill be posting more chapters of this soon. Please give me feedback!

My bag hung off the side of my shoulder as I leaned on the brick wall next to the bus stop. My breath fogged up against the brisk morning air. Shivering, I pulled my jacket tighter around me.

The bus came squealing to a stop right next to the stop sign, I looked down at my watch. Perfect, it was just on time as it always is.

I walked up the steps and to my usual seat, since I was so close to the school I was one of the last people they picked up. Jessie was the next stop and they always sat next to me.

They would usually beg for the homework that was assigned yesterday since they never did it. Jessie was a very driven person, but couldn't take school seriously.

Instead of focusing on school, they would meet up with the boys from the private school to try to match them at whatever sport.

I tried to come up with the most ridiculous things in exchange for my homework, it made me laugh seeing Jessie do whatever I commanded.

One day I asked them to bring me all of the plastic forks from the cafeteria. They smuggled the forks out out in their backpack and stored it in my locker for the rest of the month.

We laughed for ages when the principal couldn't figure out where all the forks were going and why there were never enough for all the students.

Many more of our friends joined in and people eventually started bringing their own utensils.

I decided today the task was something more simple, to find a penny on the floor at school and give it to me.

I reached down to find the homework in my bag, nothing was organized well but i knew what folder it was in. When I put my hand in the bag, i didn't feel as many folders as there usually were.

My large textbook for history was also gone too. Frantically searching i knew there was no way I could've had it with me.

The bus stopped and I saw a flash of Jessies short golden redish hair as i leapt off the bus and ran in the direction of my house. They turned around suddenly and called out to me.

"Ryan! Where are you going?"

I turned backwards while still keeping my pace and breathlessly responded "I forgot my textbook and homework at home!

" A sudden look of panic washed over their face as they scrambled to catch up with me. "That's my homework too! No way, i'm not having anything to turn into that horrid teacher.

" We ran together down the streets of the neighborhood. All the houses perfectly lining up and each house looking exactly like the next.

As we came on my street i turned the corner quickly and hit something hard. It gave way and i fell forwards, tripping on whatever was in front of me. My face landed on something soft and white.

I put my hands on the ground on either side and looked up, Averys face looked up at the same time directly at my eyes. My face flushed red as I realized I landed on top of her.

Just as I was about to get up, Jessie grabbed the light pole and swung around the corner more gracefully than I had.

Unluckily for all of us, their reaction time wasn't any better than mine and soon were were a big pile of bodies and book bags.

I pulled myself out from underneath Jessie, and pushed her off of the already traumatized Avery. Laughter erupted from Jessie as she kicked her legs and rolled on her back.

I looked down to see Avery already standing looking very defensive, I reached down to pick up her bag for her but she already snatched it from the floor.

She looked at me with a blank expression and I couldn't tell if she was angry, resembling nothing of the peaceful state she looked like yesterday.

After their laughing fit, Jessie got up from the floor and patted Avery roughly on the shoulder. "Sorry! I thought i'd leap over you but my foot got caught on Ryans bag.

We gotta go or else we're going to be late, she forgot my homework!" Jessie yanked my hand along and started running the street away from Avery who just turned and stared as we ran away.

I looked back at her, the emotionless expression still there as if nothing happened. "That was weird, I feel bad we should've stayed and apologized more since we hit her.

" I let Jessies hand guide me as we ran. "Don't feel bad, she didn't say anything either.

Besides she's not the one with threat of being punished by the teacher looming over her head! So stop being so slow and go get my damn homework."

I laughed at their lack of willingness to actually do the homework, but still willing to run all the way home and back to school just to copy it.

We'd retrieved the homework and ran all the way back to school just to be a minute late. People late to first period were sent to a special first period.

It was nothing special really, it was just sitting in silence. We'd passed Avery while running, she just kept her normal walking pace so we knew we would meet her here.

Jessie scribbled down my homework in the fastest record time ever, their handwriting was so bad only the teacher had good enough eyes to read it.

It had already been 10 minutes since we got here but Avery was still no where to be found. The teachers pencil tapped rhythmically on the table, matching the clock to the second.

I stared in front of me silently hoping Avery would walk through the doors. Wait, why was I hoping she would show up? Surely to apologize for knocking her over this morning.

After 10 more minutes of waiting, she entered and took a seat on the opposite end of the classroom. I waited until class was done, doing absolutely nothing.

The bell rang out and with no time to waste I bolted out of my seat and headed straight for her. Somehow she was already walking towards the door, I didn't want to let her get away yet.

I felt a strange urge to talk to her even though I had no idea what I was going to say. She exited the classroom and blended in with girls flooding the halls.

When I stepped out of the classroom she was already gone and I couldn't see anyone with golden blond hair as brilliant as hers.

Defeated I waited for Jessie as we walked to our next class together.

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