How I Wish I Could Be Like You
How I Wish I Could Be Like You poetry stories

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Imperfects are beauty, we are all uniquely gorgeous

How I Wish I Could Be Like You

I want to be like you in the ways that you shine I want to people to look at me too and say "Perfection" I'm scared anything less than that is unacceptable I often forget that everyone is human Faults and flaws are normal Skin has blemishes Fat pokes out What is shown usually isn't what really is

But no one reveals it, concealing it from the worlds eyes I forget people are like me in the ways I don't like myself The smile lines that appear when i'm happy The fat I gain from eating my favorite meal The acne, pores, and wrinkles my face has when I wipe off my makeup

I want to be able to live my life free of these problems I wish I could laugh without thinking of worsening my smile lines I wish I could eat my favorite food without gaining weight And I wish I didn't walk outside everyday scared of what someone thinks of my skin

But what I don't think about is other people are like me too We don't show this side of ourselves in fear of judgement Someone could see these things and think "Ugly" "Imperfect" "Gross"

I wish I could bring comfort to those who think like that It takes a toll worrying each day if you will be accepted for who you are But we all have the same worries Imperfections are on everyone No one is perfect No one has everything And no one needs to be perfect Because perfect is unattainable

I hope one day we can all take down this mask And truly realize Imperfections are beautiful

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