I Can't Believe She's Gone
I Can't Believe She's Gone starting-from-the-end stories

spookygirl the girl everyone THINKS they know
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She's really gone.

I Can't Believe She's Gone

And she's dead. Never thought it would happen but she's dead. The girl I once knew will never be heard from again.

We warned her about drinking and driving, about drugs, about walking around town at night, but she never listened and now she's never coming back.

Wanna know what's ironic, none of that is even what killed her. The drugs, drinking, walking around on the streets of New York at night, none of that killed her. Wanna know what did? All of you.

Every day she would do whatever she could to make you happy whether it was doing your homework, giving you her lunch money, or even sex...she would do ALL of it just to fit in and to feel loved.

Well, now she's gone all thanks to you guys. Thanks to you I'm not here anymore.

Not only will I be known as the girl who did everything for everyone, now I will be known as the girl who took away the one thing everyone wanted her for...her presence.

Now tell me, how does it feel knowing that I killed myself because of you?

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