Dream or Reality?
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spookygirl the girl everyone THINKS they know
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Who knew disobeying your parents had such horrible consequences.

Dream or Reality?

It was a beautiful night in San Francisco, so I decided to go and take a look at the bridge. Now, looking back, I wish I never would’ve went.

My mom told me it was dangerous to go out there alone, but i was to stubborn to listen. She knew what was gonna happen before it did.

I was just sitting and enjoying the view when I heard it. BANG BANG BANG...

Three gun shots, so loud it sounded like they were right behind me. I turned around, and I was right. There were 2 people looking dead at me.

They came for one purpose, and they were going to accomplish it too. Slowly they walked up to me.

“Do you want a head shot?” one asked. “Or do you want many painful shots” said the other.

I was terrified and certainly not ready to die so I said “I don’t know...I guess the head shot.” I chose that because it’s much quicker.

“Any last words?” the first guy asked. I told him no but to please promise not to hurt the lady that live at 1709 Clemons Ave. (that’s my mom) and he said ok.

They give me a count down. 3-2-1

BEEP-BEEP BEEP-BEEP My alarm clock was ringing. I should’ve known it was just a dream, I would never disrespect my mother like that.

I got ready for school and noticed a big bruise on my face. “Weird” I thought. I got in my car to go to school and that’s when I saw them.

The same guys from my dream. I thought it was a coincidence until they walked over and one of them said

“We could’ve killed you last night but we promised not to hurt the lady who lives at 1709 Clemons Ave. and since that’s your mom, killing you would’ve hurt her.

But the beating you got, you deserved it. Next time if you’re down there with us we won’t be so forgiving” and they walked away.

After that day, I never went to go see the Golden Gate Bridge again.

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