White Blood Cell Headcannons SFW only today
White Blood Cell Headcannons SFW only today
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Headcannons for our favorite blood cell boi

White Blood Cell Headcannons SFW only today

here's where I found the image: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.redbubble.com%2Fi%2Fpostcard%2FWhite-Blood-Cell-Hataraku-Saibou-Cells-at-Work-by-Djordjevic%2F33266694.V7PMD&psig=AOvVaw2

SFW (You're a Red Blood Cell BTW) > He's so damn LOYAL > Like, whenever he passes you in the veins, he stops to say hi and hug/kiss you > He's always helping you so you don't get lost (when he can, he is a fighter ofc) > When he has time, he'll walk with you to the heart or the lungs

> this bitch LIVES for calling you little nicknames > like "Hey angelcakes" > or like, he'll call you baby > ASDFGHJKL my heart is exploding rn lmao > "Need help, love?" > "N-no, I-I'm good. I think I know where I'm going. . ." > he's always looking out for you

> EARSTDYFUGIHOY I just had a thought- > He like- He'll take your little cell hat and but his on you, > Y'all trade hats sometimes > He hides yours from you sometimes to make you late for delivery just so he can see you more- > 10/10 would recommend him as a boyfriend

https://commaful.com/play/chopsui/ This was requested by @chopsui I love talking to them!!! They're really good at keeping me company while I write :D

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