Our Tumblr Is Up!!!
Our Tumblr Is Up!!! #spooki3b00 stories

spooki3b00 Message for Headcannons! RQs are open
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Our Tumblr Is Up!!!

So Duality and I (mostly me because fuggin B O R E D O M) decided to make a Tumblr When I get around to adding the link, I'll make a story with all of the links

If you check out our wattpad we have a new fantasy fiction set up called A Box In The Attic It's a rewritten story based off of a short story written for my old English class years back (Im Everen btw :D) Im excited to say that I also am ahead of my fiction schedule so I will be doing some sort of contest-thingy (IDK :P)

Basically Just write any sort of fantasy, short, head cannon, whatever you love to write and tag us with #spooki3b00 :D Thanks!!!

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