Headcannons Start Now!!!
Headcannons Start Now!!! #spooki3b00 stories

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Headcannons Start Now!!!

As of today (Feb 18) Im going to start writing headcannons update schedule will be messy for a while though! Be warned.

Headcannons are easy to write since is a listed story, so I figured while I (Everen) am still figuring this platform out. I can do NSFW and SFW I need a scenario, characters (up to three) and then you can give me a kink or something if you'd like :3 (No bodily fluids please!!!)

How to ask: Message me!!! (maybe a follow? 👉👈 I'll follow back!!!) I'm usually the only one active on this account since Duality usually handles our Wattpad and Quotev

Stuff Im going to write for (All X reader) >Attack On Titan >Haikyuu >BNHA >SAO >Black Butler >Black Clover >Food Wars (all plates :D) >Free!! ITSC >Inuyasha >Noragami (and Aragoto) >Voltron Legendary Defender

>Soul Eater >Assination Classroom >Seven Deadly Sins >Fruits Basket >Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) >Cells At Work (is is bad to simp for a blood cell??) >Ouran HighSchool Host Club >Violet Evergarden >Blue Exorcist >Death Parade >BNA (Brand New Animal)

Extra stuff: > My lovely crackhead energy OC ZØEY >Care to chat with me? writing can be lonely and tiring and I love talking!!! Follow my gf :) her story inspired me to do headcannons :P @dyinginside

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