Is it really just me? By Cheyenne
Is it really just me? By Cheyenne deep stories

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deep feelings ig

Is it really just me? By Cheyenne

Why does it always feel like everything is going wrong and it's all your fault?

Whether someone told you it's your fault or not it still feels like it.

Your S.O.ngets in trouble or something happens to them and you feel like it's all on you. Something bad happens in the family or someone's fighting, it's your fault.

It's always your fault.

No matter how much you try and believe otherwise you still feel deep down that you're the one to blame for it all.

You feel so alone and you cant talk to anyone about it because you're afraid they'll judge you or they won't understand and it's just eating at you.

It hurts but you know you have to be strong for the ones you love.

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