I’m kinda bored
I’m kinda bored challenge stories

spiritwing 💜be happy💜
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I have a fun challenge for myself (but you have to help me)!

I’m kinda bored

Hi there again guys! I figured I should take a break from writing the series for a day or two and work on something else for a bit.

So I made this challenge!

Basically, I draw 3 random animals off the internet, and the try to make a dragon based off them!

This is the fun part: you get to decide what animal!!

I drew a couple of animals randomly and I’ll tell you which ones I got:

1st draw: 1. Crow 2. Bumblebee 3. Springbok

2nd draw: 1. Baboon 2. Dolphin 3. Coyote

3rd draw: 1. Boa constrictor 2. Budgerigar (budgie) 3. Clownfish

Pick one and comment which one, along with what draw it’s from (if that makes any sense). (i.e @spiritwing {animal}, from draw {draw number})

~can’t wait!~

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