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Freedom is a young female dragonet who has never flown. Now, as she falls down towards the ground she must do something to save herself...

...and now she must chose: fight or flight?

Above the Sky

by spiritwing

Even though Freedom hadn’t yet flown, she was confident in herself, and more importantly, her wing. Freedom had been born with one small wing, stopping her from flying and gliding.

Now, as she stood on the edge of the cliff, her heart raced. She grasped the small root sticking out of the ground with a large amount of force. “I’m going to do it,” she thought, gaining confidence. “I’m going to let go.”

“Freedom!” Her mother, Serenity, came rushing over, standing a respectable distance away from the young dragonet. “Freedom, remember what I told you. You are not to leave the ground. And now this! Unbelievable...” she sighed, rubbing her forehead with her claws.

“Freedom, come back here, honey,” Serenity called to her daughter. “We wouldn’t want you-”

Freedom didn’t mean to let go. And now she was plummeting down towards a large stretch of grass at exceedingly fast speeds.

The young dragonet did what any dragon would have done- she spread her wings in an attempt to ease the landing, forgetting all about her small and slightly deformed wing.

As the ground drew nearer, Freedom closed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt an air current right beneath her wings. Freedom tilted her wings slightly, and the rush of the wind as it hit her face was like nothing she’d ever experienced before.

As she glided back up to the top of the cliff, her mother paced around in a panicked state, muttering to herself.

“Freedom?” Serenity noticed her daughter hovering in one spot, flapping both of her wings. “How-?”

“Don’t ask questions,” Freedom said quickly. “Just

“Don’t ask questions,” Freedom said quickly. “Just F

“Don’t ask questions,” Freedom said quickly. “Just F L

“Don’t ask questions,” Freedom said quickly. “Just F L Y

“Don’t ask questions,” Freedom said quickly. “Just F L Y with me.”

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