Walking The Plank
Walking The Plank fear stories

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She faced her fears one step at a time...

Walking The Plank

by spikes555

Her feet squeaked as she stepped onto the board.

Almost like they were begging her not to jump.

She shook her head no and tried to clear her thoughts.

She would not let fear stop her from jumping.

She wouldn't let her fear hold her back.

She was going to walk to the end of the plank and dive.

One foot moved forward.

Slow but steady.

Then she took another step.

And another,

and another.

Until she reached the end.

Her friends started chanting for her.

"You can do it, just jump!" One called.

The other three started chanting her name.

She closed her eyes.

She suddenly felt light-headed,

as she heard her friends voices raise higher and higher.

She forced herself to open her eyes.

She felt them grow wetter by the second.

She forced the tears away. She would not cry about this.

She was going to face this head on and jump.

Closing her eyes one last time,

she took a step forward and jumped.

Her fear of heights, of falling, of getting hurt,

It all vanished as she felt the air rushing past her.

She smacked against the pool.

The cold water stung, but she didn't care.

She didn't want to do it again, that's for sure.

But she was glad she didn't let a little fear stop her.

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