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spikes555I just write what I'm thinking & feeling
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Something I decided to write when I had no ideas left... It does have a meaning behind it, so it's not completely random.

Up Above

by spikes555

The sunsets are always beautiful to me.

The way the colors slowly separate and then come together.

And then the stars come out, followed by a blackish color.

Sometimes, the night sky is dark blue or gray.

And other times it goes from dark orange to black...

With the occasional streak of white.

Most times, it goes from orange to purple to black.

And then it starts again the next day, the next night.

Other times, it's too cloudy to see a thing.

Or the night sky is sparkling with hundreds of stars.

Either way, it's always beautiful.

And always a bit different each day.

Once, I was in the car, admiring the purple and pink swirls.

And suddenly, it changed to an orange masterpiece.

Then, a gray-ish black.

In the morning, there was a brilliant flash of light.

And then layers upon layers of color.

It was the prettiest thing I had ever seen.

It looked like a painting.

No, prettier than that.

It looked like-


I can't even describe it.

Take the prettiest thing you have ever seen.

Now imagine that doubled, tripled, multiplied by millions.



You get my point.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was a great site.

But every other sunset was beautiful too.

Unique in their own way.

Like a snowflake.

Like a flower.


A person?



Not weirdly different. Interestingly different.

Beautifully different.

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