The Obsession
The Obsession

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We're addicted to it. We're obsessed with it. The problem- none of us can change it... Because it's too late.

The Obsession

by spikes555

We humans have a big problem.

We're obsessed.

We check our phones for notifications constantly.

And smile silently to ourselves when we get a like.

We spend more time chatting with people we don't know

then our actual friends and family.

We text more than we talk,

and we're taking selfies rather than making real memories.

Gen Z is the reason they added funner to the dictionary.

Or so I've heard.

But the worst part of this obsession,

isn't that it's unhealthy or addicting like all obsessions.

Don't get me wrong, it is both of those things. But the real problem...

It's that the only person who can help us is ourselves.

Because everyone is addicted.

Anyone you ask could give you advice.

But then they'd be a hypocrite.

Sure, some people aren't addicted.

People who don't have electronics

because they actually can't

or because they don't believe in having them.

But that's too little of the population.

This addiction, this obsession, is spreading fast.

Too fast.

All because of one person and his invention.

That one person changed our whole lifestyle.

For the better,

but more for the worse.

Sure, I can write on Commaful and communicate with people.

But I could've done that with a paper and pencil.

I could've walked to my friends house rather than texting.

We could've found another way to live how we do,

but without technology.

Because it takes over our minds.

We spend all day locked away in our rooms.

With our devices.

Whether they are computers, phones, or tablets.

We are addicted.

I'm addicted.

Everyone who has ever laid their hands on an electronic is.

Well, that may be a stretch, but you get what I mean- hopefully.

I spend all day on my computer.

I go outside, but I would rather be on my computer.

And I tell myself it's okay because what I'm doing is:

educational, okay, not the worst thing in the world. I read and I write and I learn. But it's still not healthy for me. I know that. And I do it anyway.

Help me!

Help man- and woman- kind.

This is not good for us.

Because no matter what we do,

what we say,

what we think,

I don't...

I don't think we could live without this obsession.

It's not one of those fads that come and go.

It's a problem.

A problem that we need to stop.

And I don't think we can stop.

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