Facing Phobias (Part 2 of Walking the Plank)
Facing Phobias (Part 2 of Walking the Plank) phobia stories

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Part Two of Walking the Plank.

Facing Phobias (Part 2 of Walking the Plank)

by spikes555

She had faced her fears before, on the diving board.

But that didn't make her any less afraid the next time.

She was gripping her harness for dear life and staring at the long drop beneath her.

Why had she agreed to go zip lining?

"Go. It's now or never," her parents had said encouragingly.

They didn't understand.

Or at least, that's what she thought.

A couple of years later, she was rethinking that.

Her mom was claustrophobic and that was just as bad.

Elevators, tunnels, narrow hallways...

So many things were off limits for her too.

But she fought through her claustrophobia anyway.

She went into elevators with little to no complaint.

And said that facing her fears was the best way to get rid of them.

She walked all the way down the narrow hallway.

Even though it took twenty minutes because there were so many people.

And she went on the tour of the submarine.

Even though she knew she would have to leave after a couple of minutes.

When they explored the caves, her mom went too.

So, the girl wondered, why couldn't she face her fears too,

just as her mother had done?

The answer:

she could.

She just needed to be...

A little braver

and a little more willing.


Not even that.

All she needed to do was try.

Try to do it.

And if she hated doing whatever it was that she did,

then that's okay. At least she tried.

At least she faced her fears.

At least she knew she could.

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