Pokemon Facts #2
Pokemon Facts #2 pokemon stories

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Pokemon Facts #2

Did you know? Fact 1: Professor Oak's Nidorino has the cry of a Nidorina!!

Did you know? Fact 2: Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee got their names from famous fighters - Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee!!

Did you know? Fact 3: Meowth and Pikachu are completely opposite Pokemon!! In the anime, Pikachu and Meowth are on opposite teams. Pikachu is #25 in the pokedex while Meowth is #52. Also, they are natural opposites being a cat and a mouse.

Did you know? Fact 4: The Pokemon Magneton is 3 Magnemites together, but while Magenton ways 13.2 pounds, the Magnemite weighs 132.3 pounds!!

Did you know? Fact 5: Tangela originally couldn't use Vine Whip!!

Did you know? Fact 6: Ditto is a failed attempt to clone Mew!!

Did you know? Fact 7: Originally, Clefairy would have replaced Pikachu as Ash's first Pokemon, but because of popular demand, Pikachu won!!

Did you know? Fact 8: Psychic type's weaknesses are based on common fears!! These weaknesses are Ghost, Dark, and Bug types.

Did you know? Fact 9: Wobuffet's main body is a decoy!! It is said that its tail is its main body, so it mostly uses rebound moves.

Did you know? Fact 10: Smeargle can use almost every single move in the game!!

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for part 3 of Pokemon Facts! Stay safe and stay healthy.

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