Pro hero oc! ((Official!))
Pro hero oc! ((Official!)) stories

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Pro hero oc! ((Official!))

Name: Yoiaya Ishii Birthday: October 1st Age: 22 Gender: male Height: 7'1 Eye color: varies, usually blue, purple, or red Blood type: unknown

Sexuality: bicurious Nationality: Japanese Quirk: Aura Status: alive Occupation: pro hero Affiliation: Heroes Fighting style: close combat

Yoiaya Ishii, also known as the Mood Hero, Yoi-Kun, is a Pro Hero born into a family of pure royalty. He has helped with several crimes, fights, and rescues, those being his speciality. He's very helpful and knows how to treat wounds. He is great with children and most of his work is alongside Other pro heroes.

Appearance: Long white hair, porcelain skin, usually has a smile on his face

Hero suit:

He's super nice and helpful, loves being around people, he is definitely a people person. He does have a dark side though, and that's when he can be very mean and vindictive.

Quirk name: Aura Type: Emitter - works well with medium intelligence/ great memory This quirk allows his body to produce chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, etc to alter and change people's moods to make them feel a certain way

It affects anyone who ingests the chemicals into their body. Intensity of the chemicals used and their potency can be altered to some extent, but dexterity depends on his health and state of mind Different moods can be created with different combinations of chemicals, but the he must know exactly how to create it

Overextertion can cause temporary fatigue and state of depression/intense apathy as the brain becomes unable to produce it's own chemicals to for basic instincs

Power: 4/5 Speed: 5/5 Technique: 4/5 Intelligence: 3/5 Cooperativeness: 5/5

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