77 Harry Potter spells every witch, wizard, and muggle should know
77 Harry Potter spells every witch, wizard, and muggle should know harrypotterspells/ stories
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77 Harry Potter spells every witch, wizard, and muggle should know

A's Aberto- Open's locked doors Accio- Summons objects Agumenti- Summons water Alohomora- Unlocks objects Anapeno- Clears someone's airway Aparecium- Reveals secrets, hidden messages Apparate- A non-verbal transportation spell that allows a witch/wizard to instantly travel on the spot and appear

in another location Ascendio- Propells someone into the air Avada Kedavra- Also known as The Killing Curse, it instantly kills the target; Harry Potter is the only known wizard to survive it Avis- Conjures a small flock of birds

B's Bat-Bogey hex- Turns the target's boogers into bats Bombardo- Creates an explosion Brackium Emendo- Heals broken bones

C's Capacious Extremis- Known as the extension charm, it's a complicated spell that extend's the capacity of an object or space without affecting if externally Confundo- Also known as the Confundus charm, it causes confusion of the target Conjunctivitis Curse- Affects the eyes and sight of the target Crucio- causes unbearable pain

to the target

D's Diffindo- Used precisely to cut an object Disillusionment Charm- Causes the target to take on the appearance of it's surroundings

E's Engorgio- Causes rapid growth in the targeted object Episkey- Heals minor injuries Expecto Patronum- The patronus charm is a powerful projection of hope and happiness that drives away dementors; a corpeal patronus takes the respective animal form of the caster, while a non-corpeal appears as a wisp of light

Erecto- Allows a witch or wizard to build a structure, like a tent Evanesco- Vanishes objects Expelliarmus- force's an opponent to drop whatever is in their possesion

F's Ferula- A healing charm that conjures wraps and bandages for wounds Fidelius Charm- A complex charm conceals a secret into the soul of a chosen "secret keeper;" if a location is the subject of concealment, it becomes udetectable to others Feindfyre Curse- conjures destructive, enormus enchanted flames

Finite Incantatem- A general counter-spell that's used to reverse or counter already cast charms Furnunculus Curse- A jinx that causes a breakout of pimples and boils

G's Gemino- Duplicates objects Glisseo- Transforms a staircase into a slide

H's Homenum Revelio- Reaveal's the presence of another person Homonculus Charm- Detects anyone's true identity and location on a peice of parchment; Used to create the Maurader's Map

I's Immobulus- Immobolises living targets Impedimenta- A temporary jinx that slows the movement of the target Incarcerous- conjures ropes Imperio- Places the target under the complete control of the caster Impervius- Makes an object waterproof

Incendio- conjures flames

L's Langlock- Causes the target's tongue to stick to the roof of their mouth Legilimens- Invading or navigating another's mind Levicorpus- Levitates the target by their ankle Locomotor Mortis- The leg-locker curse bounds the target's legs Lumos- Illuminates the caster's wand

M's Morsmordre- Conjures and projects the Lord Voldemort's Dark Mark Mucus Ad Nauseam- Inflicts an extreme runny nose, or cold Muffliato- Creates a buzzing sound in the target's ear to prevent eavesdropping

N's Nox- Reverses the Lumos charm, extinguishing a wand's light

O's Obliviate- Erases the target's memory Obscuro- Conjures a blindfold Oculus Repro- Reapairs eyeglasses Oppungo- Directs an object or person to attack a victim

P's Petrificus Totalus- Temporarily freezes or petrifies the body of the target Periculum- Conjures flares/red sparks Piertotum Locomotor- Incantation used to bring life to inanimate objects and artifacts Protego- casts an invisible sheild around the caster, protecting against spells and objects (exept for the Killing


R's Reducto- reduce's the target to pieces Reducio- Shrinks enlarged objects back to their regular size Renneverate- Awakens or revives the target Reparifors- Heals magical aliments like poisoning or paralysis Reparo- Fixes broken objects Rictumsempra- A charm that

disarms the target by tickling them Riddikulus- Used to deafeat a Boggart, the charm allows the scary creature to assume comedic form, disarming it

S's Scourgify- Cleans objects Sectumsempra- Inflicts severe lacerations and haemorrhaging on the target Serpensortia- Conjures a live snake Silenco- Silents the target Sonorus- Amplifies a Witch or Wizard's voice Spongify- Softens the target Stupefy- The stunning spell freezes objects and renders

living targets unconcious

T's Tarantallegra- Aimed at the legs, causes uncontrollable dancing movement

U's Unbreakable Vow- A magically binding contract that results in death of whoever breaks it

W's Wingardium Leviosa- Causes an object to levitate; but remember what Hermione said,: "It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar' nice and long."

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