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Something to bribe your day better


P.S. All spelling errors are betrothed

How do you say T-W-A

How do you say T-W-E

How do you say T-W-I

How do you say T-W-U

How do you say T-W-O

Did it work? Did you laugh?

now hear is a great bull of words

a context between jokes

comment which is the more laughable

Ladles and Jellyspoons,

I come before you, to stand behind you,

To tell you something I know nothing about.

Next Thursday, which is Good Friday,

There will be a mothers' meeting for fathers only.

Admission is free, pay at the door,

Pull up a seat and sit on the floor.

We will be discussing the four corners of the round table.


Ladles and Jellyspoons,

I come before you to stand behind you

to tell you something I know nothing about.

Early in the morning in the middle of the night

two dead boys got up to fight.

Back to back they faced each other,

drew their swords, and shot each other.

A deaf policeman heard the noise

and came and shot the two dead boys.

If you don't believe this lie that's true,

ask the blind man; he saw it too.

Again Comet witch is better Lick this story if Ewe laugh Share two brighten a fiends dye

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