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I started to listen to a band called Forever In Your Mind while I was always working. When I first heard this band, I was hooked from the begining. So when it was a week before my birthday, my friends came over while I was working on my new book ( listening to FIYM obvi) . My closest friend that I consiter as my sister texts me and says that as a birthday present, she and my friends were taking me to Cali.

I basically scremed my head off. That Friday, we were on a plane for California. I couldn't stop smiling. On the way there, I started to play FIYM music on my phone. When we landed, I drove us all to our hotel. When we settled down, my friends were going to the pool. I told them that I'm still going to work on my story. They went down, I turned my music on and started to work. They came back and I finished my story.

The next day, it's my birthday. My friends tell me that they are taking me somewhere for my special day. After dinner, they told me to wear the beautiful dress that I packed. After that, I got in the car, with a blindfold on. When the car was parked, I heard music that was very familiar. My friends help me out, took me to a spot and them they told me to take the blindfold off. I took it off and the first thing I saw was a Happy Birthday banner

Then I faced the direction that the music was coming from. I spotted Emery Kelly and started to cry. I hugged all of them and was still crying. After crying, I jammed out to the music. After the concert, they took me to an area where I was waiting very confused. They told me to pose for pictures facing them. What I didn't know is that for the last few photos the band snuck up behind me and got in the pictures.

After the pictures were taken, I walked up to them to see the photos. I eventually saw the band in it. I asked my friend Raine if this was true and then she told me to turn around. I turned around and fell to the ground and started to cry. Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia, and Liam Attridge were standing there smiling at me. I said," Someone pinch me, this can't be true!" Raine pinched me and I responded with an OW!!!!!!!

I got up, dried my tears, and shook their hand. " SO... we heard that you listen to our music while you work." says Ricky to me. I resond back," Yes that is true."My friend Teena hands them my phone. I look at her with a confused look. They all put their numbers into my phone. Emery pulls up my Snapchat. Liam counts down from 3 down to 1.

All my friends gather together and the boys kissed me when the picture was being taken. Afterwards, I smiled and hugged Emery, Ricky and Liam. They hugged back and we departed. When we got back to the hotel, I was up all night talking to Emery. In the morning, all my friends went downstairs for breakfast. When I came downstairs, Emery was there. I smiled and greeted everyone.

Emery came and hugged me, I hugged him back. I asked where everone else was, and he responded that they are still asleep. " Let's go wake them up." I respond back. We both grab a cup of ice and a cup of coffee. I followed Emery to their room. We entered, I saw them asleep. I motioned Emery to get Liam while I got Ricky. I counted down from 3 to 1 and we poured the ice on them. They both woke up immediately.

Then we handed them the coffee and told them that we would meet them outside. Emery and I went back downstairs and went outside with the others. Emery and I grab a seat and we talk while we are waiting for Ricky and Liam to come downstairs. I shot Ricky and Liam a texts saying," U guys done yet?" Ricky texts back," In elevator now on the way down w/ Liam. Where is Emery?"

" He's down here with me & my friends." I respond back " Ok, in lobby. <3" responds Ricky. I tell Emery that they are in the lobby. I get up and go in to grab them."Good morning sleepyheads!" I said. I hug them both, they kissed my cheeks and I led them outside. They followed. We go over to our vehicles that were parked right next to each other.

I was about to get into our car when Emery pulled me aside and said that they had a seat that I could take and I could ride with them. I told the girls and they told me to go. I climbed in the guys car and smiled becuase I was sitting next to Ricky and Emery. I went on my phone and went on Snapchat to avoid talking. Emery went on his phone and took a picture of me and Ricky not paying attention.

I get a notification from Snapchat about a friends story. I click it and I see me and Ricky. Then I look at Emery and smile. While he was not paying attention, I got his picture and posted it. Ricky looks at my story and laughs. I laugh with him. We finally make it to our destination. I got out and felt like I had gotten taller. Then I realized I had my high heels on. We took a group photo and I posted on my Snapchat story.

After that, I got 3 texts. 1 from Liam, 1 from Ricky, and 1 from Emery. From Emery:"<3 u" From Ricky :" <3 u" From Liam :" <3 u" SO.......... I send to all of them," <3 u too" We hung out all through Disney and when we needed a partner for the Alice and Wonderland and the Pinocchio ride, I ended up in the cart with the boys.

We all decided that we should go on the merrygo- round. I decided to sit on a bench. Liam and Emery decide to sit on each side of me and Ricky stands behind us. After that ride, we went in the tea cups. I rode with the boys again and Emery texted me," U ok?" I respond back," Yh, just tired" " I feel ya" responds Emery. We eventually head back to the cars because we are going out to get dinner.

Afterwards Emery and I head back before the others. We were talking about random things. When we made it to the elevator, while we were waiting for it to come down, Emery kissed me!!!! Since my room was directly next to his, I went to my room, opened the side door and knocked on the boys door. Emery opened the door and we hung out and waited for the others.

The next day, The girls hung out at the pool and hot tub with Liam and Ricky while Emery and I were still upstairs. Emery saw that I keep my song journal with me at all times. SO............. we wrote a song together. It was wonderful!!!!!! Emery thought that the two of us should perform it together. I blushed and he kissed me again. That evening, we couldn't stop talking.

The next day I hung out with Liam while the girls hung out with Emery and Ricky. While we were upstairs, Liam was teaching me a few chords on the guitar. The ENTIRE time, I was blushing. SO................. Liam kissed me. I was shocked and I keep learning chords. We also made a song that he thought we should sing together. That night I couldn't stop texting him.

The next day, I hung out with Ricky while the girls were with Emery and Liam. Ricky eventually found my song journal. We wrote a song together and he saw how jittery I was. SO..................... he kissed me.We were able to finish the song. He wants me to perform it with him. I was shocked by how long we texted that night.

That next day, I was the first 1 up. SO... I went outside to the hot tub and waited for everyone else to wake up. Emery comes outside and gets in the hot tub with me. I was relaxing when Emery got in. He came next to me and we talked. Then Liam got in and we were still relaxing. Then Ricky got in and we were singing some songs. Then the girls came down and jumped in the pool.

The girls call me to get into the pool with them, so I got out the hot tub and jumped into the pool. The girls swam up to me, and were laughing. I asked what's up. Raine asks me," Were you flirting with them????????" " No y?" I respond. Teena says," Because it looks like you were" I get out and grabs my towel and heads back to my room. The boys see me leave, so they grab their stuff and follow after me.

I got in the elevator and the boys followed.The boys asked if I was alright. I said yes and once the elevator doors opened, I hurried to my room. I got in the shower and put of my red party dress. After I was putting my red heels on, I heard a knock on the side door. I go and open the door and its the boys. "Yes?" The boys gawking at my outfit, reajusted themselves and asked if I wanted to perform with them tonight at their final show.

I said sure, kissed their cheeks and said that I'd meet them at their car. I waited for them and then I saw them . They unlocked the doors and I got in. They eventually got in and then we left. We made it there in time for sound check. After sound check, Emery pulled me aside and asked what had happened at the pool. I told him and he hugged me and then Ricky and Liam joined in the hug two because they overheard what was said.

It was time for the concert, the boys went out and did their little dance and then introduced me. I came out and we started singing. Then Emery and I sang our song that we made, then Liam and I sang our song, Then Ricky and I sang our song. Then after the concert, we signed autographs and took pictures. After that we went out to dinner. The boys could tell that I was really sad so they said they were taking me somewhere special.

We all got in the car, Emery covered my eyes and when the car stopped, Emery, Ricky, and Liam all helped me out the car. They led me somewhere that smelled beautiful. They sat me down and told me to open my eyes. It was such a beautiful site and when I turned around, the boys all had their shirts off. I blushed and hid my face in my hands. Liam moved my hands and I was still blushing. Ricky and Emery held me close.

Music started to play. I tried hiding my face but the boys stopped me with their kisses. I blushed and smiled. They put their shirts back on and we headed home. I cuddled with Ricky half of the way home. Then the other half, I cuddled with Emery. We made it home and the boys said that I could spend the night in their room.

I grabbed my stuff and started getting my stuff together on the floor when Emery said that I could sleep in his bed with him. I got comfy and so did he. Then all you could see was 4 bright lights coming from 4 different directions. Then Ricky and Liam went to bed. Emery and I talked ALL night. In the morning I went and got in the hot tub.The the boys came down and joined me. The girls came down and got in the pool.

I ignored all the signals from the girls telling me to come over. After the boys and I got out the hot tub, we went upstairs to shower and then we went to Denny's. It was a long day. We went to Knot's water park the next day.

I stayed off to the side most of the time. Emery would make sure I was ok often. Then my time in Cali was winding down quickly. The day before we left to go back home, I texted the group chat with Emery, Ricky, and Liam all in it that I would be leaving the next day but we'd still keep in touch. They responded with a sad emoji.

Its the next day, the girls and I all head to the airport. While I was walking to my terminal, I was humming each part of the songs that I made with them. Then I heard someone sing my name and my Favorite sone. I turn around and it was Ricky, Liam, and Emery. I start to cry as they walk up to me. They all hugged me as we walked to my terminal. I told them that I love them. They said it back and they each kissed me.

I boarded my plane and was singing the songs I made with them. When we landed, I called them on the group chat. We walked all day and all night.

One day I woke up after 10:00. I went downstairs to familiar music, and GREAT smelling food. I readjusted my eyes and I saw Emery, Ricky, and Liam. I ran and hugged them and kissed them. " How did u know what house I live in?" Emery says," Your friends felt bad so they wanted to make up for it" I sat down and ate and then I went upstairs to get dressed. I came downstairs to find my mom givingn them a house tour.

I told my mom that I would take it from there. ThenI took them upstairs. I showed them my room. They were shocked by all the things hanging up. Then we finished the house tour. We decided to go for a walk.

While we were walking, I was on Emery's back. We were talking about our songs. Then Ricky asked me to MOVE TO CALI!!!!!!!!! I told them that I'll think about it. Then when I officially turned 18, I moved to Cali. Now I live with them.

Then we went on tour and each of our songs went viral. I love of all of them SO much.


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