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Imagine Jack Avery
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Imagine Jack Avery PART 2

Previously......... A visitor walks in and speaks to Y/N.

Let's continue.

Y/N: Can you take your hood off please, it is kind of hard to see you. *The shadowy figure removes the hood and lets down long. golden hair* ???? Do you recognize who I am now?

Y/N: Zoey?? Is that really you? Zoey: Yep. How did you get into this dump? Y/N: Steven Zoey: That bastard. He needs put in jail. Y/N: Oh, don't worry. He's here.

Zoey: Really? *You nod your head* Zoey: Well Jack is paying to bail you out now so I told him, I'd come back to talk with you. *The officer who took you to jail in the first place opened the door*

Officer: You two, come with me. *He takes you guys to the laundry room and gives you back your clothes. He then takes you out beyond those door and you see Jack, Zach, Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, and Logan. You rush over and hug them all.*

*Then you hear a faint voice* Jake: Hey where is my hug? *The boys move out of the way* Y/N: Jake, your alive?? Jake: Yep. I am going to press charges on him so he'll rot in jail.

Y/N: You know your going to have to testify against him right. Jake: No, you would. Y/N: Why me? Jake: You saw for yourself what happened. Y/N: Ok.

Zach: Can we go to your place Y/N? Y/N: Sure but who is driving? Jack: I will, it is our limo Y/N: Oh ok. I'll sit in the front so there is room. Zach: You don't have to.

*Once you made it out to the limo you texted Zach* TEXT CONVO ------------------------------------- Y/N:" Hey Zach. I have a surprise for you when we make it to my house ok? Zach:" Ok. Mann, I wish you were back here.

Y/N:" How bout this. Me, You, beach, around 7? Zach: "But what bout Jack?" Y/N: "Tell him your going out and I'll tell him I am going out with some friends." Zach: "IDK. He's the one to follow close behind."

Y/N: "Zach, trust me please." Zach:" Ok. I trust you." ------------------------------------- *IN THE BACK OF THE LIMO* ------------------------------------- *Zach puts his phone away* Corbyn: Zachary, who was that you were texting?

Zach: Corbyn, please call me Zach because when people say Zachary, I feel as if I'm in trouble. Corbyn: WHO WERE YOU TEXTING??? Zach: No one.

Daniel and Jonah: Are you sure? Zach: Yes I am sure. *Zach pulls out his phone and starts to text you* ------------------------------------- "Hey are you there?" Y/N:" Yeah. What's up?"

"Do you remember when there was something wrong with me and I wouldn't tell you?" Y/N:"Yes I do. Why? Is it happening again? Do I need to climb back there and sit there to make sure yall behave?"

"No but I would like to see that happen. I was letting you know that I think it is time for you to know." Y/N:"Ok. I'm ready. Go ahead and tell me. "At the beach. the boys are lookin at me."

Y/N:"Alright, tell them I said hello." "Okay, bye" Y/N:"Bye bye" ------------------------------------- Jonah: Who was that? Zach:Y/N Jonah: Everything ok?

Zach:Yeah. I was just seeing if she was alright. She is still ticked off that Steven tried to blame her for his crime. Daniel: I would be too. Zach:So yeah. Oh and BTW, Y/N said hello. *They all yell hello for you to hear it*

*You laugh and yell hello back.* ------------------------------------- *IN THE FRONT* ------------------------------------- Jack:How ya feelin? Y/N: IDK. I want to press charges but I wasn't involved, I just got a call to go there.

Jack: I know. All we can do right now is just pray. Y/N: Wait. Doesn't Logan have cameras? Jack: Yeah but they are outside. Y/N: I NEVER closed the door so that must mean that it is still of film.

*You roll down the window that separated the front from the back* Y/N: Logan, can we stop at your house and look at the film? Logan: Sure, but it will only show pitch darkness. Y/N: No it wouldn't.

Logan: Why you say that? Y/N: When I came in, I never did shut the door. It should have caught him on film. Jack: Well, were at the bottom of the hill. Y/N: Logan, give me your keys and the password to where the footage is.

*Logan hands you the keys* Logan: I will text you the password. Y/N: Ok. I'm running up. Anyone coming? Zach: I'll go. *You and Zach both run up the hill to Logan's house.*

*You were able to get in and get past the lasers to the control room. You text Logan to get the password. You finally get the password and make it in. Once you got the film from the incident, you and Zach run back down the hill*

Y/N: We got to get this down to the police station. NOW! Jack: Hop in. You can sit in the back. *You and Zach hop in the back and sit down as Jack pulls away from Logan's street and down to the police station*

*Once you make it down there, everyone got out and ran in while Logan push Jake in his wheel chair* Y/N: Here, We have proof that Steven Walker did the crime. Officer: Just be glad you made it in time.

*He takes the tape and watches it* Officer: I am so sorry for sending you to jail with that crazy one. Y/N: It is ok. Now my question is can I testify against him in place of Jake?

Officer: It would be fine but it would have to depend on Jake if he'll allow you to. *Jake nods to let him know that he does* Officer: Ok then. It is settled. The trial is in 3 week prepare yourself.

Y/N: Ok . Thank you so much Officer. Officer: No thank you. *You guys all walk back to the limo and you climb in the back with Zoey and had a talk with her* -------------------------------------

Y/N: Zoey, call all the girls and tell them that I want to go for a bike ride past the beach. Zoey: You sure? Y/N: Yea. I miss seeing them. *Zoey goes off to call the girls and you pull out your phone to text Zach.* TEXT CONVO -------------------------------------

"Hey Zachary" Zach:"Hey Y/N. What's up?" "Tell Jack you need to stop at the house and grab your bike." Zach:"For?" "Your going biking with me and my girls. After we bike around. They are going to go surfing."

Zach:"Oh. Should I get my swim trunks?" "Up 2 u. I am bringing my swim wear." Zach:"Ok. I'll tell him that I am going biking with you and some of your friends."

"Zach, I'll tell him ok? Watch." ------------------------------------- Y/N: Jack, can we stop at yall house and my house because Zach and I got invited to go biking with some of my friends. Jack: Ok Y/N: Thanks

Jonah: Can we come? Y/N: Do you want to be bombarded by fans while on a bike? Jonah: Never mind. *We stop in front of your house and you get out. You go and get my swim wear and stuff it in your pocket.*

*You go to the garage and pull your bike out and ride it down to their house. Jack drives everyone to their house. Zach goes and gets his things and then comes out with his bike.*

Y/N: See you guys later Rest of boys: OK. *You guys ride down to the beach and wait for everyone to show up.* Y/N: Ok. Now tell me what was wrong.

Zach: You might want to sit down. *You sit down on the bench and he sits next to you and looks in your eyes. You rub his arm telling him that it is ok to tell you.*

Zach: Well, Y/N, I kind of like you. Y/N: You do? Zach: Well ya. How could I not? Your beautiful, kind, sweet, helpful, energetic, talented, a sweetheart, and you make me feel happy.

Y/N: Do you really mean that? Zach: Yes. Now you know why I wasn't acting normal. *You hold his hands* Y/N: You could have told me. Was it Jake and Logan's fault? Zach: No. It was them. It was how happy you were with Jack.

*You see your friends start to come over. You kiss his cheek.* Y/N: I am always here for you. Don't hide it next time. Something's bothering you, you tell me. Okay? Zach: Yes Ma'am.

*You go over and greet your friends and go for the bike ride. The whole time you and Zach talked. Then at the end of the path you saw a Cabana that was open so you guys took it. You and Zach sat down to talk*

Y/N: Zach, is there anything else you need to tell me? Zach: Maybe maybe not Y/N: Don't make me say your full name. Zach: You wouldn't. Plus you probably don't know what it is.

Y/N: Zachary Dean Herron!!! There I did it. Zach: You do know it? You did your research?

Y/N: No, my younger sister is obsessed with you guys and has a poster for everyone made from other people with your full names in it in her room. Zach: Oh. What color is my poster? Y/N: Purple to Pink because Jacks is Blue to Purple

Zach: Oh. *You see your friends trying to call you and Zach into the water* Y/N: I think they want us to go in. Zach: Go ahead. Have the Cabana to change.

Y/N: Really? *Zach nods and walks out of the Cabana. You go and get changed and stand outside of the Cabana and wait for Zach. He comes behind you and scared you. *

Y/N: ZACHARY!! Why? Zach: Come on. *You grab your board and head to the water. Zach follows after you.* Zach: You know how to surf? Y/N: Yeah.

*Once you make it out in the water, you start to paddle yourself out. You then caught a monstrous wave back to the shore to where Zach was with his mouth open, gawking.*

Y/N: Ready to head back? Zach: I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you. Y/N: Well at least walk to the Cabana. Zach: I'll do it for a kiss.

Y/N: Really, You'll do it for a kiss? Am I good kisser or something? Zach: Well, let me find out. *Zach pulls you close to him and kisses you, lifting your head up.*

*After you broke away from the kiss, you walk to the Cabana and get changed while Zach stood on the outside.* Zach: WOW. You are a good kisser. Y/N: Really? I didn't know that.

*You walk out the back and grab you bike.* Y/N: You ready? Zach: Yeah. *You guys bike back to Zach's house and stop there for a while*

Y/N: Hey, guys I have to go. I am throwing a party and you guys are invited. Jack: Really? Jonah: I would love to go. Y/N: Ok. See you in 3 hours.

*You bike home and start to decorate your house, make refreshments, and playing music. Then you hear a knock on your door. You run to it, let the boys in then ran to the 3rd floor.*

*You yell down the steps* Y/N: Feel free to eat any of the refreshments. Jonah: I'll be right back Corbyn. Corbyn: Alright. *Jonah runs up the steps to the 3rd floor and sees you at the booth.*

Jonah: Hey Y/N: Hey. What's up? Jonah: Came to see if you were alright. Y/N: Yeah, I'm ok. How come you aren't downstairs with everyone else?

Jonah: You ran upstairs after you opened the door like something was wrong. Y/N: Oh. *You sat down and thought about everything that has happened*

Y/N: Come on, lets go down and have some fun * You both run down the steps and join the party. You go and sit down and talk with everyone when you see Daniel walk into your direction*

Daniel: Hey Y/N: Hey Daniel: Everything ok? Y/N: I wish. Daniel: What's wrong? Y/N: I wish I could tell you but it hurts just thinking about it. Daniel: Anything I can do to help?

Y/N: Idk, I just want to have some time to think. Daniel: Go ahead out back. I'll keep an eye on everything in here. Y/N: You sure? *Daniel nods*

*You get up, go to the backyard, sit down by the pool and think. As you think, you decide to stick your feet in the pool. You hear the sliding door open and you see Corbyn standing there, looking at you. *

*Corbyn then walks out the door, slides the door closed, walks up to you and sticks his feet in the pool* Corbyn: Hey Y/N, everything alright? Y/N: I hope so.

Corbyn: What's wrong? Y/N: My family is fighting over who gets the ashes of my grandfather. He is the one who told me to follow my dreams of making music.

Corbyn: I am so sorry for your loss. Y/N: Thanks but now I have to make up my mind with something else while I'm here. Corbyn: And that thing might be?

Y/N: It is complicated involving all of you guys. Corbyn: Oh, are you talking about when Logan and Jake talked about us about who likes you? *You nod your head*

Corbyn: Oh. Well, we want to know if it is ok if we can sing for everyone. Y/N: That is fine. You didn't have to ask. Corbyn: The music room door was locked and we need a guitar.

*You and Corbyn stand up, walk back inside, go to the music room, grab a guitar, and walk back downstairs. You then grab a stool and sit on it in a corner. Daniel tell you to move closer so you sit down on the couch.*

Daniel: Hello everyone. I'm Daniel. Corbyn: I'm Corbyn. Jack: I'm Jack. Jonah: I'm Jonah. Zach: And I'm Zach. Daniel: And tonight we are going to sing for you.

Zach: Yep, If you know the song, please sing along. *They start singing and you sway your body side to side. Jonah tries to get you up there to sing with them but you shake your head no.*

*You then walk to the kitchen to get some slices of watermelon for everyone. Daniel sees it and tells you to save a slice for him. You nod and sit back down. After they finish singing, Daniel gets the slice of watermelon and you go to the kitchen.*

*You sit down on the floor for a minute and think. Then the boys came and sat down next to you.* Corbyn: Hey Daniel: Hey Jack: Hey Jonah: Hey Zach: Hey

Y/N: Hey guys, what's up? Daniel: Your sitting on your kitchen floor away from your own party. Y/N: That is a normal for me. Corbyn: But why? Y/N: There is so much on my mind.

Zach: Do you want to talk about it. Y/N: You guys wouldn't understand. Jonah: We know someone who would. Y/N: Who? *Corbyn goes and gets Zoey*

Zoey: What's wrong? Y/N: Can we talk outside? *You get up and follow Zoey outside and sit by the pool side.* Zoey: Everything alright? *You shake your head no*

Zoey: You can tell me, I'm here for you. Y/N: I get to get my grandfather's ashes. Zoey: Your hiding something. Y/N: What do you mean? That is the truth.

Zoey: I know it is but there is something else bugging you. I can see it in your eyes. Is it about the boys? *You nod your head yes* Zoey: Imma kill them Y/N: No, don't do that.

*Zoey walks into the house and you follow right behind her. Zoey walks up to the boys and pulls them to the side* *THEIR CONVERSATION* ------------------------------------- Zoey: Okay, who did it? Zach: Did what?

Zoey: Hurt Y/N? Corbyn: I didn't Daniel: I didn't Jack: I didn't Jonah: I didn't Zach: I didn't Y/N: Zoey, they didn't hurt me!!

Zoey: You sure???? *You nod your head* Y/N: The situation I put myself in, it involves them. Zoey: Do they know what it is? Y/N: Only one of them do Zoey: Which one?

*Corbyn raises his hand and puts his head down* Zoey: So you did it?? Corbyn: No, I promise I didn't. *You walk outside holding Zoey's arm* Y/N: I like them all and I can't decide which one I like.

Zoey: Oh. Do they know? Y/N:Corbyn might know but I don't know. I want them to know that I love them all but then I don't want them to think that I'm singling all of them except for 1 to hold my heart.

Zoey: What are you going to do? Y/N: Write a song. *You get up, walk back in the house, go to the 3rd floor and write a song. Zoey walks in and walks over to the boys*

Corbyn: So? Zoey: So, she doesn't want you guys to feel like she is singling anyone out for her love. She actually loves all of you. Daniel: Are you serious? Zoey: As the plague.

Jack: Where did she go? *They all get quiet when they hear a beat. Then the guys go upstairs and stand in the doorway, listening.* Y/N: Why do you put so much pressure on yourself, Y/N?!?! It is not that hard to pick someone to have your love.

*You start to play a beat from one of the guys' songs and play the guitar. The boys sit on the floor of the entrance. Corbyn stood and watched. You then start to sing the song you made.* ------------------------------------- SONG -------------------------------------

You know I'm a dreamer, My lives a toll, I had to hide myself away, to comeback stronger. My life is a Mystery, Beyond what is seen, Life is a journey, That needs to be approached slowly.

Love is Magical, Better than whatever's seen, Shall I go and spit my love, Or keep it to myself. These five souls that has stole my love, They are very special to me.

One is Sweet like Candy, Another one is Talented like Me, The next one is full of Joy, The fourth one is the one I can turn to, The fifth and final one is the one that keeps me laughing.

So hard to choose, So hard to decide, They all stole my heart, And now I got to pay them back. ------------------------------------- END OF SONG -------------------------------------

*Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zach all applaud. You turn around and see them and try and hide the music.* Y/N: Hey guys, What's up? Corbyn: Don't hide it. Daniel: You know what we are talking about

Y/N: How long were you guys there for? Jonah: Since we heard the beat downstairs. Y/N: Oh, so they must have heard me.

*You all go to the second floor and see everyone dancing.* Jonah: You feel better now that you know no one heard you? *You nod your head and head back up.*

Zach: Zoey told us. Y/N: Told you guys what? Jack: Y/N, we know, you don't have to hide it. Daniel: We also figured it out from the song. Y/N: Oh.

*You run down the steps and go to your office for a minute and then go to the kitchen. Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zach all run downstairs and go to the library looking for you.*

*You come out of the kitchen, sit on your stool and start to play the guitar. The boys hear the guitar and come out to see you. You start to hum one of their songs and then start to sing.*

*The boys then walk over and sing with you. You sway side to side with them and sing. After you guys finished the song, everyone was applauding. You smile, put the guitar down and then go out back.*

Jonah: Y/N? Corbyn: Should I? Jack: Go!! *Corbyn follows after you and sees you by the pool again.* Corbyn: Thought you'd be here Y/N: Yes Corbyn?

Corbyn: Well we thought, well, why don't we all take you on a date and see if that takes off some stress that you have. Y/N: That sounds wonderful. But that would mean I would have to choose.

Corbyn: You wouldn't have to. I promise . We want to do something nice to get rid of some of your stress. We also wanted to do something special for you. You mean the world to us. Y/N: You mean it?

Corbyn: Yes, Yes I do. Y/N: When do we start then? ------------------------------------- T.B.C. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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