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Imagine Jack Avery PART 1

*About YOU* - Your 17 turning 18 -Your a singer/musician - Your close friends with Logan and Jake Paul -You want to share your music with the world, BUT don't know how -You live in LA -Y/N is your name


You wake up and go for your usual run in your work out outfit. After you finish your run, you hop in the shower. Once you get out and get dressed, you grabbed your guitar, sat on your steps outside and sang. People started to form a crowd and placing tips in your guitar case.

Then you notice 5 cute boys manage to make it to the front of the crowd. One of the boys sat down by your feet and joined in singing with you. As soon as the song finished, the crowd disappeared and only those cute boys were there.

??? Wow, your an amazing singer. How long have you been playing for? Y/N: Thanks, I've been playing for a while. ??? How rude of me, I didn't introduce myself, I'm Jack Y/N: I'm Y/N Jack: Nice to meet you Y/N.

Y/N: Nice to meet you too.Who are your friends? ??? Hi I am Corbyn and your talented ??? I'm Daniel and what other instruments can you play? ??? Hello, I'm Jonah and I wish I can learn that piece you were playing ??? Hey, I'm Zach and your beautiful

Y/N: Daniel, to answer your question, I have lost count actually. Daniel: Do you reconize us? Y/N: A little, aren't you that band called Why Don't We? Jack: Yep how'd you know? Y/N: I'm close friends with Logan and he shows me all of his videos.

Corbyn: Oh, your a friend of Logan's? Y/N: Yep. How do you guys know him? Jonah: He acted like an older brother to us. Y/N: Oh. Do you guys want to come in and get anything to drink?

Zach: Sure ------------------------------------- They walk into my house and see how big it is. ------------------------------------- Corbyn: Wow, is it only you here? Y/N: Yep, but I use all of the rooms at some point. Would you like to see a tour of my house?

Jonah: Would we be able to? Y/N: Follow me but I hope you can keep up. Jack:What do you mean? * You take off down the hallway* Corbyn: Oh. Come on guys lets catch up to her. Zach: Ok then catch up!! -------------------------------------

They finally make it to where I am. ------------------------------------- Y/N: Took you guys long enough. Zach: Sorry. Y/N: This is my Gym. Corbyn: Wow. Y/N: Come on. There are more rooms to go look at.

Y/N: The next few rooms coming up are guest rooms. The next room coming up is my library. Follow me please. ------------------------------------- We run up the stairs to the second floor. ------------------------------------- Y/N: The only rooms on this floor is my bedroom and my music room.

Daniel: Can we see your music room? Jack: Please? Y/N: Sure but keep up. ------------------------------------- We all run to my music room. ------------------------------------- Y/N: Well, here we are. Feel free to play anything. Daniel: Seriously? Y/N: Go ahead

Zach: Can I play your drum set? Y/N: Go ahead Corbyn: Can I play your piano? Y/N: Go ahead Daniel: You play the cello? So do I. Can I play it? Y/N: Yep, go ahead Jonah: Can I play your saxophone? Y/N: Sure, Let me get you a reed. ----------------------------------

I go and grab a reed and mouth cleaner. ------------------------------------- Y/N: Here is your reed and let me clean it. Jonah: Ok. ------------------------------------- I clean it and keep the mouth cleaner out. -------------------------------------

Y/N: Jack, do you want to play anything? Jack: Uhh, I never played the flute, Can you teach me? Y/N: Yea. What do you want to learn? Jack: The basics. Y/N: I can play a song and you can follow along with the music and then I'll give you the basics, ok?

Jack: Ok. What song will you be playing? Y/N:I will be playing a song called Disney Blockbusters. It consist of 4 Disney songs. After I finish playing, I want you to guess the songs ok? Jack: Ok. ------------------------------------- I start to play the song as they all sit down around my feet.

As soon as I finish, they applaud. ------------------------------------- Jack: Wow Y/N: Thanks *I start to clean it and the mouth piece* Y/N: What did you think? Jack: Wow. Just Wow. Y/N: Can you guess the songs?

Jack: The first one was Under The Sea, the second one was Beauty and the Beast, the third one was Friend Like Me and the last one was A Whole New World. Am I right? Y/N: Wow, you know your Disney songs. Yes, you got them correct. Ok now time to teach you the basics.

Y/N: When trying to make sound come out, your mouth and the hole have to be lined up. Jack: Like this? *I look* Y'N: Yep. Now the first note you will learn to play is B flat. The keys you press down are on the middle part and the foot of the flute.

Jack: Would you be able to place my fingers there? *I move is thumb and index finger on his left hand on the keys he should press and then his index finger and pinkie on his right hand to the keys* Y/N: There your fingers are in the right spot, now tighten your lips and blow.

*He plays the note and smiles* Jack: I did it!! Y/N: Yes you did. Now remove your thumb and index finger and then blow. That note is C. Jack: Just like the letter in my name. *You giggle*

*You keep moving his fingers so that he can play the notes correctly.* Y/N: Okay. There is only 1 floor left in this house. Shall we continue the tour? Corbyn: Yep but first, let us clean up a bit. Y/N: You really don't have to. I was going to come back in here.

Zach: Ok, last one up to the last floor is a rotten egg. *I sprint up the steps to the last floor, while everyone else followed.* Jonah: Guess I'm the rotten egg. Y/N: This floor is where I record some of the songs I have written. You guys can listen to some of them, I'll be right back.

*I run down the steps to answer the door. Jake and Logan were both standing there* Y/N: Hey guys, what's up? Logan: Came to check in on you Jake: Is someone else here? Y/N: Why you say that? Logan: We can hear the songs that you have recorded on the 3rd floor.

*I sprint up the steps. Jake and Logan follow after me.* Logan: Hold up, ITS MY BOYS All of them: Hey Jake and Logan Jake: Why are they here? Y/N: They came to my neighborhood concert outside and I invited them in. Then we went for a house tour.

Logan: Oh, Can I talk to them in your office? Y/N: Sure. Do you remember where it is? Logan: Ground floor, passed the library. Y/N: Yep. Imma go to the music room now okay? Logan: Ok

Jake: Ok Corbyn: Ok Daniel: Ok Jack: Ok Jonah: Ok Zach: Ok * You sprint down the steps to the second floor and go to the music room. They boys walk and go to my office.*

IN MY OFFICE ------------------------------------- Logan: OK, Who has a crush on Y/N? Corbyn: Jack does Daniel: I think Zach does as well Jake: Oh boy

Jack: She's beautiful, talented, thoughtful, and kind, EVERYTHING I LOOK FOR IN A GIRL. Zach: Well, she is athletic, funny, creative and special, those are the things that get my attention. Jake: Logan, what are we going to do?

Logan: I don't know man. Let me ask a better question, who has been physically touched by Y/N and liked it. Corbyn: JACK Daniel: JACK Jonah: JACK Zach: JACK Jack: That is true Jake: Have you caught feelings for her?

Jack: Yes, I mean..... how couldn't you. She is everything that I could ever wish for. She has stole my heart and I want to be with her. Jake: I'll be right back. I'm going to the music room. *Jake walks out and sprints to the music room*

Jake: Hey Y/N! Y/N: Hello Jake. What's up? Jake: Nothing, just came to see what you were playing. Y/N: Oh, I am playing the Prologue to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Jake: That is cool. I have a question for you.

Y/N: Go ahead. Ask away. Jake: Do you like one of the boys? *You stop playing* Y/N:Why might you be asking this question? Jake: Just wanna know. Y/N: Fine, yes I do. I like them a little bit. Jake: Which one?

Y/N: That's for me to know and you to NEVER find out. Jake: Please give me something to work with here. Y/N: FINE! I was teaching him how to play the flute earlier. Take it and see which one can actually play some notes. Jake: Thank you so much. Y/N: Can you go now?

*Jake leaves and goes back to my office* Logan: So??? Jake: She said she likes one of them as well. Logan: Did she say which one? Jake: No, She handed me her clean flute and told me to give it to them and see who can play it.

Logan: This will take forever Jake: I don't know about that Corbyn: I know it's not me but I'll do it just to prove it. *Corbyn placed all his fingers down and didn't make a sound* Daniel: I know it's not me but I have played it before *Daniel plays a riff of notes*

Jonah: Can't be me because I only can play the guitar and saxophone *Jonah tries to play but fails* Zach: Can't be me, I don't know how to hold it. *Zach holds it in the opposite direction but fails to play notes* Jack: Then it just leaves me. I only know a few notes.

*Jack plays the few notes he knows and hands it back to Jake* Jake: Alright, I'll be back. *Jake runs back up to the music room and sees Y/N cleaning up.* Jake: Hey Y/N: Hey did you figure it out? Jake: No not yet. 2 out of the 5 can play.

Y/N: I know of the people you think it is. FINAL HINT: He does not play the cello. Now hand me my flute to clean it. *Jake hands her the flute* Jake: Thanks! Y/N: Your welcome, they might need you so go!! *Jake runs back to the office*

Logan: ANYTHING? Jake: The one she likes does not play the cello. Daniel: So, Y/N likes Jack Logan: I guess so. Jake: I think it would be good if Jack went up because she is cleaning the music room and is about to go to the 3rd floor.

Jack: You sure? Logan: DUDE, GO TO YOUR LOVE! *Jack leaves the office and goes to the music room and sees Y/N* Jack: Hey Y/N! Y/N: Oh hey Jack. What do you need?

Jack: Are you going to the 3rd floor at all? Y/N: Actually that is where I'm headed. Why? Jack: Would I be able to tag along? Y/N: Sure, you already heard me sing today so why not. Jack: Do you need any help?

Y/N: Actually I kind of do. I managed to get stuck behind the base drum, cello, supply closet and the actual closet where I keep my cleaning supplies and extra reeds. Jack: Grab my hand * I grab his hand and make it out. I end up being really close to him. I start to bush*

Y/N: Lets head up there now Jack: Ok. After you, Ma'am. Y/N: Awe your so cute *I kiss his cheek and run up the steps. Jack follows right behind.* Jack: Y/N, would it be possible if I could get your phone number? Y/N: Sure, hand me your phone

*Jack gives you his phone and you type your number in and call your phone* Y/N: There, I have your number too. Jack: What are you going to be singing? Y/N : I am going to do a cover of Here by Alessia Cara. Jack: Can't wait to hear it

*I sing the song and it records it.* Jack: Wow, that was amazing. Y/N: Thanks. * I sit down at the desktop and make edits. Jack walks behind me and stands me up* Y/N: Yes Jack? *Jack cuts me off with a passionate kiss*

*You kiss him back* Y/N: So, I'm guessing you figured out who I like then? Jack: Yes and they figured out who I like. Y/N: Oh they did? Who was more pushy? Jake or Logan? Jack: I actually thought that they were equally pushy.

Y/N: Were they really that bad. I thought that Logan would be more pushy because he acts like a older brother. Jack: No he wasn't that pushy Y/N: Ok. I thought you wouldn't like me and all but.... *Jack cuts me off with a passionate kiss*

Jack: Y/N, I like you because you are talented, creative, intelligent, beautiful, and you stole my heart from me. Y/N: Awe, really? Jack: Yes. You are the one I have been looking for my entire life. Y/N: Jack stop, your making me blush

Jack: I love your smile and your personality. Y/N: Jack, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. Jack: Do you want to head down to where everyone else is? Y/N: We can if you want.

Jack: Actually, why don't we record a song together? Y/N: Do you really? I don't even sound that good compared to you. Jack: Of course I want to. You have an amazing voice. I would be honored to sing a song with you.

Y/N: Ok. What song would you like to sing? Jack: How about Hey Ma by: Pitbull, J Balvin and Camila Cabello ? Y/N: You sure? That song is mostly written in Spanish. Jack: I know you can do it. Y/N: Ok, I'll do it.

Jack: Ok, come on. *You and Jack walk to the booth and put our headphones on. Once we finished recording, I sat down at the computer and started to edit it.* Jack: You were great. Y/N: I wasn't that great. Jack: Yes you were. You have an amazing voice.

Y/N: Really? *Jack nods* Y/N: Okay, lets head down. Jack: Okay, lets go Ma'am. Y/N: I'll beat you downstairs Jack: Oh really? Y/N: Yep. Lets go in 3......2.....1... *You run down the steps as Jack tries to slide down the railing*

Y/N: I told you I would beat you down here Jack: Okay, Okay, I'll admit it, you were right, I was wrong Jonah: You guys look like yall had fun. Zach: Yeah, a lot of fun Daniel: We heard singing, were you guys singing?

Y/N:Yeah, a little. *Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, Zach, Logan, and Jake run up the steps to the 3rd floor. You stay downstairs and make smoothies* ------------------------------------ UPSTAIRS ON THE 3RD FLOOR

Logan: What song did you guys sing? Jack: Hey Ma by: Pitbull, J Balvin, and Camila Cabello. Jonah: Oh, Who sang which part? Jack: I sang J Balvin, she sang Camila Cabello, and we both did Pitbull. Zach: Oh, I'll be right back

*Zach goes downstairs and sees you making smoothies* Zach: Hey Y/N, whacha doin? Y/N: Making smoothies for everyone. How come you aren't up there with everyone else? Zach: Too many people up there. Y/N: And.....

Zach: And what? Y/N: There has to be something else that is bugging you. When we were going on the tour and everyone was up there, you were fine. Now if something is wrong, tell me, I want to help the best way possible.

Zach: I don't think you can right now. Y/N: Why not? Zach: Your making smoothies. Y/N: They are all done. Do you want yours now? Zach: Sure. *You hand him his smoothie* Y/N: I'll be right back

*You run to the 3rd floor and pull Logan off to the side* Logan: Hey Y/N, what's wrong? Y/N: Smoothies are done. Plus I have a meeting with someone in my office, please make sure you and everyone else does not come by my office or else.

Logan: Ok, you should get going. *You run down the steps* Y/N: Please follow me Zach* Zach: Where are we going? Y/N: You'll have to wait and see. * You lead him to your office and open the door*

Y/N: Ok. I was able to free up some time so we can talk. Now tell me, what is wrong. Zach: I don't know if I should say it. Y/N: Ok. Here give me your phone. *Zach hands you his phone. You put your number in and hand it back*

Y/N: Okay, when you feel comfortable to tell me, just shoot me a text or call me ok? Zach: Ok. Y/N: I'm going to go so you can have a minute to yourself. Zach: Ok, thank you so much Y/N, for trying to help.

Y/N: No problem, I like to help people when they feel down. *You walk out off your office, go to the living room, turn the tv on and watch it while drinking your smoothie. Shortly after you left, Zach came and sat on the couch. The others then came downstairs*

Daniel: What are you guys watching? Y/N: Bride of Chucky Corbyn: Oh, I love that movie Jonah: Thank you for the smoothies. Y/N: Your very welcome Logan: Y/N, can we talk outside?

Y/N: Sure. Let me get my shades. *you go to the kitchen, grab your shades and walk to the backyard* Y/N: Logan, what's up? Logan: Who did you have the meeting with?

Y/N: That information is classified. Logan: If you can't answer that, then where did Zach go off to? Y/N: Not my business to give that out. Logan: Y/N. Y/N: FINE, I had to talk with Zach because something was wrong

Logan: What was wrong? Y/N: Can't say. I have to go. Logan: Ok. I'll call you later. *You run upstairs to your room and change into your workout outfit.* Jake: Y/N, Where are you headed? Y/N: The gym, why?

Jake: Just wanna know Y/N: Boys, make sure that Jake and Logan don't do anything stupid to destroy my house. Boys: Ok. *You walk out of the door and started your jog towards the gym. You then see a shadow following behind you so you speed up*

*Once you make it to the gym, you sign in, and get to work. Once you moved from the treadmill to the dumbbells, you saw your ex walking in your direction* ??? Looking good Y/N Y/N: What do you want now Steven?

Steven: I want you Y/N: We broke up 2 months ago. Once you finish crying yourself a river, build yourself a bridge and get over it!!!! Steven: I can't we had too many memories together that keep coming back to me. I miss you so much.

Y/N: Well, I don't miss you at all. Steven: What can I do to get you back?? Y/N: Nothing. We are no longer a couple. We will never again be a couple, so stop holding your breath. Steven: Please??

Y/N: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth??? NO!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! You ruined my life and were never there for me but expected me to be there for you. What do you not understand about no?!?!?!?!

Steven: All of it. I loved you with all my heart and all you do now is speak of lies off of your tongue. I would never do that. Y/N: Well you did, now get over yourself. I'm fine without you. *Steven reaches for your hand but you pull it away* Steven: I need you.

*You pull yourself back, sign out of the gym and jog home. You walk into your empty house and sat down on the couch when you got a text from Logan. TEXT CONVO ------------------------------------ Logan:" Y/N HELP PLEASE!!"

Y/N:"What's wrong? Do you need help destroying your brothers house, getting gas cos your out in your car, finding your way home, picking out an outfit?" Logan:"JUST COME TO MY HOUSE ASAP!!"

*You hurry and slide your coat on, grab your keys and fly down to Logan's house. You see his car and Jake's car. You walk up to the door and push it open. You walking to see the boys in a corner, Logan petrified sitting on the steps and Jake on the floor.*

*You walk in more to see a shadowy figure in the corner of the room* ???? So nice of you to join us Y/N. Y/N: Steven, What are you doing here? Steven: I came to get my true love back.

*You look over at Logan and notice blood on his hands, then you look at Jake and see blood* Y/N: Corbyn? Daniel? Jack? Jonah? Zach? Logan? Can someone tell me what happened???? Jonah: He was there

Y/N: What do you mean he was there? * You stop and think for a minute. Then it hit you, Steven was there at the neighborhood concert, saw Jack and you singing together and got jealous*

Y/N: But that doesn't tell me why Jake is laying on the floor bleeding! Logan: He tried standing up for you and Steven stabbed him. *You rush over to Jake and turn him over* Y/N: Jake, Jake please don't go

*Jake whispers* Jake: Y/N? Is that you? Y/N: Yes, yes it is me. Please don't leave me. Jake: If I do leave, just know that I'm always in here. *He then points my heart and then stops breathing*

Y/N: JAKE!! JAKE!! JAKE!!!!! *Jack comes and pulls me off to the side and hugs me. After I stop crying, I broke away from the hug and went after Steven.* Y/N: HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?! THAT WAS MY CLOSEST FRIEND!!!

Steven: I know, that's why I did it. Next it will be Logan and those boys. Y/N: I SWEAR STEVEN, IF YOU TOUCH ANYONE OF THEM, I WILL KILL YOU MY DAMN SELF. NO ONE IS TO KILL THE PEOPLE THAT MEAN THE MOST TO ME!!!!

Steven: Oh really *He walks up to Logan and stabs him* Y/N: Corbyn, call 911. Daniel, get the police. Steven: The police can't do anything. Y/N: Yes they can

Steven: What can they possibly do to stop me? Y/N:The police can arrest you or they can arrest me for trying to kill you. Steven: Oh so your plan is to get the police here the same time the ambulance comes to turn me in?

*The police and ambulance arrive and you tell them everything. Corbyn, Daniel, Jonah, and Zach all went with Logan and Jake to the hospital while Jack stayed with me.* Steven: Officer, arrest this woman immediately!

Jack: Officer, you need to arrest him. He just stabbed both of her closest friends. Steven: She cut me with a knife and is blaming everything on me. Officer: I'll have to take you both in.

Y/N: WHAT? I DID NOTHING! Officer: We'll see about that. Y/N: Jack?? Jack: I'll be right behind you ok? Y/N: Okay. Hold me please one last time. *Jack holds you and kisses your forehead before the officer puts handcuffs on you and Steven*

*You and Steven are then put in the cop car and taken to jail. Jack follows right behind the police. Once you make it there, you were given an orange jumpsuit and chains put on you. An officer then came pass your cell and opened it.*

Officer: Y/N, You have a visitor. *He walks me out of my cell and into the meeting room. I set my head down on the table, then I lifted it to see Jack standing there.* Y/N: Your here?!?! Jack: Why wouldn't I be?

*You smile and start to cry* Jack: Hey, don't cry, Imma get you out. Okay? Y/N: Ok but they are keeping me overnight here. I don't like it here. I want to be with you, the boys, Logan and Jake if he were still here.

Jack: I have news on him actually. He isn't dead, he was wounded really badly. Y/N: So your telling me that Jake, my best friend is still alive? Jack: Yep but you can't see him because he gets out tomorrow.

Y/N: Ok. I'm just glad that he is ok and alive. I want to hold you so badly. Jack: Officer, can you take her cuffs off for a minute? Officer: Sure *He removes the cuffs from your hands and you hug Jack tightly and start to cry*

Jack: You don't have to cry. I'm here for you, always. Y/N: You mean it? Jack: Yep. * Jack kisses you passionately and wipes your tears away. Once he left you went back to your cell and went to sleep.*

*You woke up the next day with more visitors. You thought they were taking you to where everyone else was, but you were wrong. They take you to a closed off room and took your chains off. You sit down and fiddle with your fingers as you wait*

*Then someone walks through the door with their hood on* ???? What a surprise it is to see you in here Y/N. I thought you would be in Paris or Europe going on tour or something like that. ------------------------------------- (TO BE CONTINUED) T.B.C

Tell me in the comments who you think is the visitor and if you want to be apart of this story. Bye yall!!

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