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Emery Kelly

It all started from back in preschool. I was very shy but loved to read. I would usually be found in the class library. I told the teacher that we needed new books because I read them all and she said she would try and get some. The day the books came, I went straight to the library.

I see a kid over in the library with their cot , laying down reading a book. I sit down next to him and I introduced myself to him. He looked at me and then told me his name was Emery Kelly. We, then talked about our favorite books.

Then it was nap time, I pulled my cot from underneath the sign in/out table and pulled it to the library. We talked the whole time but just before we both fell asleep Emery grabbed my hand, kissed it and then held it while we slept. I have a feeling that I was smiling in my sleep. ------------------------------------

We now go to Duquesne University together and we have had each other's back since the beginning. I didn't realize that I developed a crush on him until I was clinging on to his arm at the dance. I was fine that I was developing a crush on him because he was CUTE.

We spend every minute of the day together because we had the same major. We were the best of friends.We would do anything for each other. We are what people would call us, Bonnie and Clyde. I spent all day around him because we had so many class periods together.

I am a person who likes to play sports and is VERY active. Emery is also active and likes to play sports. So he challenged me to play him in basketball. We played and he beat me BY 1 POINT. So I challenged him to a game of volleyball and won. We were so tired and the wind was blowing so we walked home together.

Emery lives a block up from me so we talked and walked. As we made it to my house I invited him and he said no thanks, kisses my hand and then walked home. I, joyfully, walked upstairs to my room and sat happily. My mom, then came into my room and told me I needed to pack up my room.

I asked us why and then she hollered my father's name and told him to speak to me. In a minute, my dad was up the steps, in my door frame, then he sat on my bed, and told my mom to go downstairs. After she left, my dad closed the door and told me we were moving.

I asked where we were moving to. He then told me we were moving to New York City. I looked at him and said that is not so far. Then he told me that it was a 28 hour drive. I push my dad out of my room and cry on my bed. -------------------------------------

The next day, I was in a library. Emery came and found me with my head in my newest favorite book. ------------------------------------- "Hey pretty girl" "Hey" "What's wrong?" "Oh nothing, unless you want to count the fact that my parents are messing up my whole life!" "What do you mean?"

"Well, my dad told me that we were moving to New York City because my mom and dad were both offered a job out there. But.... we just bought a house in California. I asked them what would happen to the house and they said we would move out there if it would not work out. I, then asked about all of my friends including you and they said we could visit." --------------------------------

My head goes back into my book and then Emery removes the book from my hands, stands me up, holds my hands, and looks me in the eyes. ------------------------------------ "Christine, it will be ok. I promise. Look, we have each other's number, we can call each other everyday, texts each other, maybe even talk to your new friends out there and your friends here."

"Are you sure? I know you'll be busy and all......" "Christine, I'm sure. Why would I lie to the most perfect girl that I EVER met in the world?" "Okay. So, I got your number and we'll talk then." "Christine, When is your last day?" "The last day I am here is Wednesday." "Oh, ok." ---------------------------------------

Then the dreadful Wednesday came. I was walked to the front office with all of my friends, including Emery. I hugged them all and smiled at Emery. Then I started to walk out the door when I felt someone tug on my arm. I look back to see it's Emery. I go back in and he hugs me tightly. I, then walk out the door and I didn't look back. ------------------------------------

We finally made it to New York and I was found asleep in the back of the car. When we finally made it to the place where we were staying, I was awake and decided to call Emery. Emery and I talked for what seamed like 5 hours but it was really only 2 hours. ------------------------------------- THE NEXT DAY

My parents work together and so they both went and when they came home with disappointed faces and then they started to put everything back in the car. I asked what's happening and then they told me that we were going to live in California. I asked if they got the jobs and they said it was for someone else with the same names.

I climbed in the car while they were cleaning up. I called Emery and the conversation was very long. ------------------------------------- "Hey beautiful" "Hey handsome" "So, did they get the job?" "No, it was for a different married couple with their names." "Oh, so your going to California then?"

"Yeah. I miss you a lot. I miss seeing your handsome face everyday." "I also miss seeing your beautiful, perfect face everyday." "Well, we're about to hit the road. I'll text you when we stop at a rest stop, ok handsome?" "Alrighty beautiful. Talk to you later. Bye" "Bye" -----------------------------------

We made it safely to California and I was happy because my new house was by the beach and in order for me to go to school, I had to walk through the beach to get to it. ------------------------------------ The following week I started going to school and made some new friends. Then on Wednesday, they were having sport tryouts. I decided to stay back and try out.

The coach said I was very athletic and useful so I am on all of the sports teams. I walked home so joyfully to the back door to find a note that says to enter through the front door. I walked around front, took my shoes off and opened the door to find the lights off. I turned the lights on and my parents, my new friends, my friends from college, and Emery all jumped up and surprised me.

I was so surprised that I fell to the floor and I started to cry. I, then felt myself being picked up off the floor and I saw it was Emery and I hugged on to him. I finally got myself all back together, my mom pulled me to the side and told me that there was something in the kitchen for me. I walked into the kitchen to find a cake that says Congratulations. I smiled and cut the cake.

I passed the cake out to everyone and took my piece to my back porch so I could watch the sunset. I, then heard the back door open and it was Emery. He sits down next to me, takes my cake, sets it on the table, holds my hands and smiles. As soon as the sunset started, Emery started talking to me like he wrote a poem and memorized it for this time. ------------------------------------

"Christine, I wanted to tell you something before you left but I didn't have the courage to. I realize I do now when I'm next to you holding your hands. The first time we met was back in preschool and we were instant friends who were always there for each other. I was looking through old photos and I found a picture of us asleep next to each other and we were holding hands."

"I, then realized, I was flirting with you way back then. I started to ask myself if I had found the love of my life and I would answer back yes, yes you have. When you left, I asked if I found my true love and I said yes but she is leaving. Then it hit me, my true love is you. Christine, I have always liked you. I also have a feeling that you like me to." I nod my head yes.

"Christine, you are the love of my life. You have been there for me since preschool. I finally realized why they would call us Bonnie and Clyde. I would hurt anyone if they hurt you. Christine, I am asking you as a preschool flirt, elementary school buddy, middle school friend, high school amigo, and a college long-time friend, Would you make me the happiest man alive and go out with me?"

I was so shocked and I was lost for words. When I finally found the words, I finally said...... ------------------------------------ "Yes, of course Emery." "Really?" *I then kiss him* "Does that answer your question?" "Yes, yes it does. I am so happy." "I bet you are." -------------------------------------

He then picks me up and spins me. After he walked back into the house for a minute, I grabbed my sweater and my phone off the chair and walked off the back porch to the beach. I continued watching the sunset and I went to take a picture of it when my camera got flipped and took a picture of me and Emery. I smiled and saved it. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

I smile and then I was able to get the picture. Emery then tells me that his friends have invited us to go to a concert with them but we have to be blindfolded. I was down to go and then Emery held my hand and we walked back to my house. Emery walked me over to two guys.

They introduced themselves to me. The taller one was Ricky Garcia and the shorter one was Liam Attridge. I asked if it was fine if I brought two friends along as well and they said sure. I went to go find my friends Samantha Monahan and Raine Venturino. They meet Ricky and Liam and we then left. I was blindfolded and my friends started to laugh at something.

Then I felt someone kiss me. I smile and we finally come to a stop. They help me out the car and put me in a chair. Then, I heard the screams of girls in front of me. I took the blindfold off and then I looked around and saw my friends in the back. They were smiling and I asked what was happening and they acted like they didn't hear me.

Then I turned back around, so confused by everything. Then, pink smoke bombs went off and girls started screaming hysterically. Then two bodies jump across the stage. Liam hands me a rose and tells me not to turn around. Then the song Bae by Marcus and Martinus starts to play and I get so confused.

Then singing starts to happen and then someone grabs my hand, I look up, it is Emery. I have no idea what is happening and I try to hide my face but Emery removes my hands from my face and then he picks me up from the chair. I try and hide my face but he uncovers it and sings to me.

By the end of the song, I was blushing and was so confused by it. Emery then introduced me and then kissed me in front of millions. I was so shocked that after the kiss, I walked over to my friends and was still blushing, not understanding what just happened. I go and stand with my friends and enjoy the rest of the concert.

At the end of the concert, Raine, Samantha, and I were all pulled on the stage and Liam kissed Raine, Ricky kissed Samantha, and Emery kissed me. Then we all went backstage for a meet and greet. I saw that everyone was enjoying themselves which made me happy.

There was so many people who walked up to Raine, Samantha, and I and asked how it we knew them and how it felt to be in a relationship with them. I was surprised they they thought Samantha and Ricky were a couple and as well as Raine and Liam. So I didn't answer what it is like for the 3 of us to be in a relationship with them.

After the meet and greet, we went out to go eat. Emery sat next to me, Liam sat next to Raine, and Ricky sat next to Samantha. We talked and then we got our food. Then Raine, Samantha, and I all went to the bathroom to talk really fast. They tell me that they like Liam and Ricky. I look at them and tell them to go for it.

We go and then sit down. Emery tells me a show is about to happen. I ask him where and he says right in front of me. Then Liam clears his throat. He looks at Raine and then he asks her out. Raine looks at me like it's a prank, so I mouthed to say yes. Now they are a thing. I ask Emery if that was it and he said no it was not.

Ricky turns to Samantha and tell her his feelings and asks her out. Samantha is shocked and says yes. When that was all over, Emery said there is one more art to the show. and I'm looking around and then realized I was the last one even though Emery and I are a couple.

Ricky, Liam, and Emery started counting down from 3 and once they hit 0, they kissed us. I then ask if that is the end of the show. Then Ricky starts singing Happy Birthday. Then I realize, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Liam joins in singing then Emery then Samantha and then Raine. I smile and thank them. Then the desserts came.

I got a slice of cake. When I took a bite out of it, I hit something hard with my fork. I took it out and looked at it. It was a promise ring. I looked for a waiter and asked if it was one of the workers and said no and that I order that. I was so confused and then I looked to Emery who was smiling.

Then he said Happy Birthday and it was my birthday present. I asked him what it is supposed to represent. He tells me that it represent our love for each other and that we will get married in the future. I smile, hug him, and kiss him. Raine and Samantha smile. We pay for our meal and then we leave.

Liam then says there is one last surprise on this wonderful day. He takes Raine's hand, Ricky takes Samantha's hand, and Emery takes my hand and takes us into a golf field. We are very confused until we saw towel on the grass. We go over to the towels and sit down looking up at the sky. Then fireworks started going off.

One of them spelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE - EMERY" I smile and hug him. We get off the towels and go to a deck and there is cake. I cut the cake and think about great life is.

I, then look out to the sky a sees a shooting star. I wish that the future is as great as today was.




THE YEAR.........................


We have all been by each others side since they came to surprise me. Raine and Liam are still a couple, Samantha and Ricky are still a couple, and Emery and I are still a couple. It is the girls turn to pick what we do today. I chose to go dancing at Club Boom. So we went to Club Boom and partied till our feet hurt.

Samantha then says that we are going to go see Into The Woods in the movie theaters. I hold Emery's hand, Samantha holds Ricky's hand, and Raine holds Liam's hand and we go to the movie theater. We finally found out seats and sat down with our snacks.

When the movie ended, we went to Olive Garden to go eat. When we got our meals, we ate and then something magical happened. Ricky got down on one knee and proposed to Samantha. Samantha was shocked and said yes and cries. Then Liam gets down on one knee and proposes to Raine. Raine is crying her eyes out and she finally says yes.

Then Emery got down on one knee. He looks at Ricky, Liam, Raine, and Samantha. They all nod to let him know that he should go for it. Emery, looks at me and then holds my hand and says these nest words. -------------------------------------

"Christine, I have known you since forever and I know that we love each other. You have changed my entire life from the blur it was back in preschool to 3rd grade. You are my ENTIRE world and made me who I am today.

" You are my EVERYTHING. Christine, you have changed me greatly and I love you for it. Christine, would you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?" ------------------------------------ I was so surprised that I started to cry. Samantha handed me a tissue and gave me a warm smile to say yes.

When I finally got myself back together, I finally responded. ------------------------------------- "Yes, yes of course." "How does Mrs. Christine Kelly sound? *I kiss him* "I think it sounds perfect." *Emery smiles as he puts the ring on my finger and we kiss* -------------------------------------

While we were walking home, we saw fireworks. We sat down to watch it and the boys stole a kiss from us girls. ------------------------------------ 3 MONTHS LATER

We are having a 3-in-1 wedding. All the bridesmaids are in red dresses. The males in a light red tux and Samantha, Raine, and I in a white dress with red ruffles. When it was time for the reception party, Raine, Liam Samantha, Ricky, Emery, and I had a blast and partied all night.


Samantha Garcia and Ricky Garcia has a set of twins whose names are: Daisy Abbie Garcia Rosalie Ananya Garcia AND has a boy whose name is: River Jackson Garcia

Raine Attridge and Liam Attridge have 2 twins who are 8 months and their names are: Autumn Maria Attridge AND Charlie Liam Attridge. They don't want to have anymore kids but would baby sit Samantha's and mine.

Emery Kelly and Christine Kelly (me) have 3 kids and their names are: Caroline Dakota Kelly Spencer Lorenzo Kelly AND Jase Cole Kelly BUT, there is one more on the way and were going to name her: Josephine Rosaline Kelly

WE ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER ------------------------------------ THE END

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