Harmony in small doses
Harmony in small doses poem stories

speakalittlefr Native American, US Soldier
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Geraldene was the mother and family I never had

Harmony in small doses

for Geraldene

The weed is fine, relaxes the brain and softens the body And I keep the fire burning for a now deceased lover

This was long ago, and now In the present, I live with my mother who doesn't understand my cannabis habit - Forgive her

It means I have to play the game of avoidance Which is tedious But I don't forget Mom is elderly now and freedom is a thing of the next generation

Nor do I forget to love my mother with all my heart For she, with all her faults, with all her faults Has a heart of gold, (excuse the cliche poets)

And nor do I demand anything For my own heart is full of years And the "inner" child now (having adulted) has the freedom to speak And, and, one day flows into the next like the colours of a rainbow

And whose not to like (parents aside) Getting stoned? It's healthy when you compare it to chemicals.

But to turn back the clock (and the poem), I keep a fire burning for a now lost love... We were happy together in the "forest cabin" of our affair. Bless you, bless you beyond the grave!

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