In a world that is unpredictable, sometimes unexplainable,
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In a world that is unpredictable, sometimes unexplainable,

and at many times uncertain, spirituality and spiritual philosophy plays a very important part in helping us cope, understand, and deal with what is ahead of us.

Spirituality is most effective when it starts with

an understanding of mind, body, and soul.

Of course this requires a belief in the soul.

Spirituality is hinged on this belief, and derives much of its understanding and explanations using the soul as the core concept and entity its philosophy is concerned with.

Mind. Body. Soul.


The mind is our most precious gift and our most useful tool.

While much of spiritual philosophy revolves around

awareness of breath and yogic exercise of the body, an equally critical component to the philosophy is mental awareness, mental capacity, and mental discipline.

This is because spirituality believes karma,

which is the perpetrator of your soul’s existence in a bodily form, starts with and is rooted in the quality of your thought(s).

Good thoughts create good action and

good action in turn creates good karma. Bad thoughts create bad action and in turn creates bad karma.

The end attainable goal for the soul is to have no karma,

thus being liberated from bodily form and achieving the state of moksha ( pure bliss and happiness ).

in order to move progressively and positively towards this

goal, the soul must start by filling itself with good karma ( which it is responsible for creating ).

Good karma leads to a greater sense of positivity, peace,

happiness, and calm, all of which are qualities of a soul that has been liberated.

Eventually, with enough good karma within itself,

the soul can begin to understand how to take the patient path of eradicating all of its karma, starting first with the bad karma that is contained within.


The body, in brute and honest words, is the trap for the soul.

The soul is etching to break free from the body and

fully express its true self and its true qualities: perfect knowledge, perfect perception, perfect conduct, and infinite power and peace.

Therefore, one must readily ignore the body,

even neglect it, in their pursuit for spiritual happiness and worldly success.

Readily practice forgetting the body when

thinking or focusing on work; practice fasting for one meal a day; encourage activities that require bodily stamina over bodily exhaustion.

In order for the soul to express itself,

it must not feel trapped or defined by the body. In order for the soul to recognize and become aware of itself, it must not be focused on the needs and image of the body.

Let your body become the prism and your soul the light.


Always strive to contemplate the qualities of the soul: perfect knowledge, perfect perception, perfect conduct, and infinite power and peace.

Understand equally that the soul’s goal is benevolent.

While the soul is detached, it is affectionate. While it is

neutral with no bias, it is kind to all good things and it is transparent to all bad things; while it is superior in nature, it treats all things and all life in an equal and fair manner.

The soul is not afraid of its own perfection.

Release it. Become it. Know it.

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Thanks for the comment @syndney . I usually do a one meal fast on a Saturday or Sunday every 1-2 weeks. I also find it difficult to perform a one-meal fast during the week days when I'm working. I try to only take a one-meal fast on days that I am not working. And when I do the one-meal fast, I usually eat a big meal at some time in early-mid afternoon. Thats great that you meditate! In fact, that is one area I actually am not strong in -- I don't have strong meditating habits and I don't make it a regular routine to meditate -- which will definitely be changing soon in my lifestyle, since meditating is crucial to spiritual growth, as you probably already know!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
How often do you fast for one meal a day? I'd definitely have troubles with that. I've found meditating has helped me in all 3 aspects, the mind, body, and soul though