Compassion as a Principle
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Compassion as a Principle

Reward is within your reach; action is in your hand. Love and a belief in love will connect these two together.

As I begin to see more into my future goals and future

visions to contribute to the perpetuation of, contribution to, and improvement towards a truly more holistic, more integrated, and most sustainable society and world,

compassion and compassionate principles are becoming my true

north: the guiding compass against which to measure the direction and quality of all my actions, thoughts, intentions, words, and speech.

More than power, politics, business and

the humanitarian contributions that can possibly follow from them, compassion and the positive consequences that follow from compassionate action and compassionate behavior occupy my area of inte

While I see myself going down the path of business

that decision is primarily based off needing a career path to earn my livelihood, a desire to be a contributor to the working class and economy,

as well as a belief that business can be

a tool to accomplish the goals of compassion and that a business successful in this endeavor can be a symbol to reflect the merits of compassionate action and behavior.

Ladies and gentlemen, always find a way to stay practical

and you will eventually find yourself in the position where you can enjoy the reward of serving, teaching, and helping.

That practicality will give you the necessary tools,

convenience, technology, and time to apply your mental, physical, and verbal efforts towards achieving goals of helping, serving, and performing a countless number of compassionate acts,

even if they may seem small in significance.

No good act goes unnoticed.

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