Born to Aspire, Achieve, and help Others
Born to Aspire, Achieve, and help Others stories

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Born to Aspire, Achieve, and help Others

When we think about the purpose of our lives, we tend to run into deep conflict and contemplation about issues around meaning, passion, interests, and significance.

We find motivation in the pursuit for individual truth.

What is the purpose of My life? what are My interests? what causes and goals are significant and important to Me?

Yet in this process, something is lacking. Something is

missing. Our connection, duty, and responsibility to others are completely neglected.

This is why I think words like compassion, kindness

and karuna express a deeper meaning and power than the word love.

What words like compassion, kindness, karuna

do is uplift the ideal of love into a realm of non-attachment. They describe the importance of affectionate and empathetic behavior as an unconditional principle to follow.

When we move into the realm of compassion,

we are taking a step outside of ourselves and are diving into a new pursuit: the pursuit of fully exploring the possibilities of compassion and what it means to be compassionate.

When we do so, we start becoming aware of our inherent

connection to other individuals, because the complete definition of compassion is hinged on this relationship: how we behave and interact, when we are around others.

And where aspiration, achievement, come in is when

we make it a goal to have our life works reflect our belief in compassion: that what we did actually helped others live a healthier, better, and stronger life.

that we not only made a difference for ourselves, but for

others that may have been less fortunate than us.

Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe their is a true purpose

in life. And I believe that purpose is to aspire, achieve, and help others.

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