Why... dark stories
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sparkle90 Truth as gold, love is pure.
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To all those who feel disturbed.


Roses are red, violets are blue. Tell me one fake thing, but make it true. Tell me why your love drove me mad, tell me why your sadness made me sad.

Tell me why I was right fr you, and tell me why I was wrong. Tell me why I was depressed and senseless all along. Tell me why the birds sing, but their song is never lasting.

Tell me why your heart-beat always leaves me gasping. For your air is useless and helpless to my needs. For while my heart is broken and shall forever bleed.

Through my hands all bent and sore, until the day I feel pain no more. Through the pain and suffering the winners erode. But here comes along the devil's bride.

All head bent down to worship their queen, to all which say, ' Yes your majesty '.

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